Dimples, sea monsters, pasties and icecream!

My daughter’s smile, complete with dimples on each cheek.

My son cuddling me, both arms wrapped around me and squeezing tight. A rare moment.

My daughter saying ‘fan-koo’ (thank you) or ‘soh-eee’ (sorry). So cute! I wish I could bottle it.

Realising my new business might just work!

My husband and son engaged in an intellectual discussion about who is the biggest baby. You’re a baby. No, you’re a baby. No, you’re a baby…

Sunshine, a Cornish beach. Three little boys splashing in the waves killing sea monsters. Two little girls playing quietly in the sand.

My son asking me: Mummy, do you like pasties and ice-cream?
Me: Of course.
My son (very seriously): Good. Because they're my favourites!
You can't argue with that!