Award Winning Mums

Make an award for yourself or another mum you admire - statuette, rosette, trophy, medal. We're all Mum of the Year. Let's celebrate all that we do well!

Bad Mummy

Tell us about a moment when you felt like a bad mummy. We all have them, so let's share them and make each other feel better.

Bad Mummy Bingo

Make your own Bad Mummy Bingo Card to laugh at those moments when you 'fail' at being a perfect mummy (we all do).

doodling, drawing
Bake a Pie Chart

How do you spend your day? Illustrate it with a pie chart. Represent your 'me' time with a real piece of pie, and then eat it...

Balloon of Shame

Popping balloons is fun. Especially when they're covered in things you're embarrassed about. BANG! 

Visit our blog to read lots of wonderful guest posts about overcoming Mum Shame that will make you feel better too.

Best Foot Forward

Put your best footwear forward and model us a mixed pair that give us a hint of who you are: show us your prettiest and your most practical...

Book of Mum

Make the front cover of the book you'll write one day about your mothering journey.

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Buntify your Life

Reclaim the unloved corners of your house or life with a nice bit of bunting.

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Cartoon Mum

When your life feels like you're starting in a bad cartoon... share it with us

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Confess Your Best Lie

Share the best lie you've told your kids... anonymously.

Couch Coach

If you had your own personal coach, what would you want them to say to you? Make your very own coach to sit on your couch.

drawing, photography, writing
Decorate your Family Tree

Make and decorate a family tree with leaves that represent the personal qualities of three generations

Do Not Disturb

What do you dream of doing, undisturbed? Make a fantasy Do Not Disturb sign and dream of a few minutes peace.

crafting, doodling
Dress your Alter Ego

Dress up and show us a side of you your normally keep hidden...

Embarrassing Mum

What was your worst embarrassing mum moment? Dare to share your story (and any photographic evidence...)

photography, writing
Encourage a Mama

Make an Encouragement Card and send courage to another mama who needs a everyday bravery boost today.

crafting, doodling, drawing, gifting
Feed your Cookie Mumster

Make a paper fortune cookie and fill it with a gift to yourself.

Feel-Good Fortune Teller

Make a paper fortune-teller to cheer you up when you most need it.

crafting, drawing
Fill your Fridge Magnet

Make a fridge magnet to inspire you every day.

First Timers

Try something new with your kids and interview them about it.

Gran's Can-Can

Tell us three wonderful things you can do now you're a Gran.

Make a Grateful Plate with Story of Mum - fill your belly with gratitude!

Feel like there's too much on your plate? Take a break, and decorate a plate with all the things you're grateful for instead.

crafting, doodling, drawing
Be reminded of what you need to develop into the awesome brave confident happy mama you want to be with Story of Mum

Tell us what YOU need to grow into the awesome beautiful confident mama you can be, in the style of plant care guidance...

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Handle with Care

List everything your hands have touched today.

Live in the moment

Write one sentence every day for a week - noticing what made you happy.

Happy Heart

Collect the moments that make you happy and fold them into a Happy Heart for when your heart needs reminding.

crafting, writing
Hope Boats

Fill a paper boat with your hopes, and send it sailing off...

How do you want to feel?

Make a collage to discover how you most want to feel right now: how do you need to be nurtured to get there?

I Am Enough

Share a self-portrait amongst the things that make you feel inadequate and remind yourself that you are ENOUGH.

I have touched...

What have you touched, mama? Make a hand print to illustrate some of the amazing things you do EVERY single day

doodling, drawing, writing
I Have Watched

Where have your eyes lingered today? Doodle the moments that your gaze remembers.

I Love You Mum

Tell us why you love your mum and share a photo of you together.

photography, writing
I Wish / Gratitude Angels

Make a simple paper angel and fill it with wishes; or with things that you are grateful for

I'm a Mum and a...

Complete the sentence, and share a portait. Who are you as well as a mum? I'm a mum and a...

photography, writing
I'm a Piece

Sew words that matter on to a jigsaw piece to change the world.

Identity Parade

Line up, line up, for an unusual identity parade. Make a paper people chain to represent different aspects of your identity. Who are you?

crafting, drawing
If it Weren't for the Kids

Tell us three things you don't do now that you're a mum.

In Mumorium

Tell us about a mum, gran or great-nan you have lost.

Join our Mums' Poem

Release your inner poet! Add a line to our giant communal poem about being a mum. How would you describe a mum in just 2 or 3 words?


Put words that the world needs now into a frame and share them with us: and donate to support Save the Children

crafting, doodling, drawing, sewing, writing
Leafy Love-Notes

Catch a positive thought on a falling leaf, prettify it, and leave it somewhere to be found...

Love Letter to Me

Write a love letter to yourself. Yes, you.

crafting, writing
Love Mum-Body

Share a part of your mum-body you'd like to love more: in the flesh or made out of plasticine.

photography, sculpting, writing

Make yourself a magic wand to focus on what you really want and remind you of your own amazing mama power...

Make a Book of Secrets

An easy way to make and collage a little scrapbook for your secrets.

Make a Mama Manifesto with Story of Mum

Make a Mama's Manifesto to remind you what you love, know and want to do.

doodling, writing
Mama Mash-Up

Make a strip collage from two or more images that capture aspects of your identity.

Mama Me-Time Tokens

Make yourself a token that will encourage you to take precious time for YOU.


Record a mama milestone you've reached for the first time, large or small, baby-album style.

doodling, photography
Mamas in the Movies!

Make a movie poster for your red-carpet and baby sick motherhood story...

crafting, doodling, drawing
Meet Mother Nature

Go out in nature and share your photograph with us - what was Mother Nature telling you today?

Memorable Moment of Mum

Share a significant moment from your life as a mum - of pride, awe, sadness, joy...

Mini Mama Journals

Make a mini one-line daily journal to reconnect to you, and remind you of what really matters every day


Thingspiration: What does this object say to you about motherhood...?

Mum Trumps

Be the star of your very own Trump Card scoring your special abilities and arch nemesis...

doodling, drawing
Mum's Reward Chart

Make yourself a Mama's Reward Chart and give yourself lots of gold stars.

drawing, gifting, writing
Mums' Mix Tape

Choose 3 tunes to share with your son or daughter and ask them to choose 3 for you.

audio, writing
Museum of Mum

Doodle your very own museum cabinet to illustrate your past, present and future as a mum.

My Kids Dressed Me

Let your kids dress you...

photography, playing
My Life, the Fairy Tale

Tell us a story from your life in the style of a fairy tale - and doodle your fairy tale book cover...

doodling, writing
My Mum-Story

Share your mothering journey in just 10 photographs and 3 minutes

 Nature Mandalas

Create a mandala from nature and practice mindfulness, creativity and letting go...

crafting, sculpting
New Mama Mantra

What message do you wish you could have sent yourself in those early days as a new mama?

doodling, photography
Noodle Doodle

What really goes on in a mum's head? Grab a felt tip, a crayon or a biro and get doodling. Show us what's going on in your head right now.

drawing, playing
Ode to Mum-Bodies

A communal ode to our miraculous mum-bodies. Add a line to tell us what you love about your mum-body and why.


Sneak a treat into another mum's pocket and report back to us, secret agent style.

Easy joyful decluttering for parents: Celebrate your clutter to Story of Mum's Parenting Clutter Log, and then declutter it ;)

Log your clutter for posterity (and then you can throw it out...!)

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Photograph your Chaos

Take a picture of your house at its messiest, give it a title and turn it into 'art'.

Proshanti Tales

Explore this diverse collection of mothering stories and portraits curated by Bangladeshi charity, Proshanti.

Rebirth Day

Make a Rebirth Day handprint and join a worldwide art event.

drawing, photography
Send a Supermum Postcard

Make and send a postcard to tell another mum why they're a Supermum to you.

crafting, gifting

What do you need more of, mama? Hand sew words that describe what you want and remind yourself to give yourself just that...

Storm in a Teacup

An argument in a cup. What's your usual? Use the tea-leaves to show us what you row about the most.

Take a Compliment

Make yourself a little box to keep all your compliments in, reminding you of the good stuff.

crafting, writing
Teddy Bear

Thingspiration: What does this object say to you about motherhood?

Unlikely Meditations for Mamas

Create a meditation to transform a moment of mama drudgery into a moment of bliss... sort of!

photography, writing
WellMaking Craftivists Garden

Join the inspirational Craftivists in embroidering, knitting or crocheting a flower to explore how getting creative improves our well-being...

Wooden Spoon

Thingspiration: What does this object say to you about motherhood?

Yes Vest

Declare YES to life's best in your own doodled Yes Vest!