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Our mama-nurturing e-courses feature regular emails, fresh video content, inspiring prompts, and a private community space to connect with other mothers experiencing the same things as you. Some of them include live get-togethers, celebratory sashes and Bad Mummy Bingo. Find out more below...

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Mama Moving Forward

Getting clear, being brave, and starting towards change together:  a fortnight of community encouragement,  resources and inspiration for stuck mamas.

Mama Moving Forward is a fortnight of community encouragement, resources and inspiration for stuck mamas. Getting clear, being brave, and starting towards change together:

Whether you have a dusty old dream to revisit, a much-needed change you finally need to face, a courageous career or mindset shift you want to make, or you simply have an inkling that you could get something more from your life, Mama Moving Forward offers the space and encouragement you need to start moving towards that.

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Read about one mamas' Mama Moving Forward experience in Sian Blunt's blog.


Five a Day

Exhausted mum? Feeling grumpy and lost? Wondering how to make time for myself? Join Story of Mum's Five a Day ecourse

Every mama deserves and needs to take at least five delicious minutes for herself every day in order to stay strong, healthy and full of goodness. But it can be so hard to pause amongst all the busy-ness, especially in the early days.

This mini e-course encourages you to take precious time out. Over five days, you learn how to take time for yourself, tools to explore what you really want and need, and draw up a plan to take better care of yourself in just five minutes a day.

Have you had your 'five a day' today, mama? 

Five A Day can currently be accessed as a self-led e-course.

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Mamas' Mini Sofa Retreat

Sofa Retreat: Mamas' Mini Sofa Retreat is a lovely mothers day gift for mums in need of some rest, relaxation, and encouragement: mum friends, no more mum guilt, more confidence and lots of laughter

Mamas’ Mini Sofa Retreat is a virtual mamas’ retreat for amazing busy mothers who are trying to do it all but often feel inadequate. It's a week-long community e-course designed to bring more rest, creativity and joy into your life, even when that feels completely impossible…

We'll send you inspiration for 15 minute creative activities every day for 4 days, including Bad Mummy Bingo, awards for mamas, meditation and more. And we end with an awesome celebratory mamas' retreat party live online on the Friday.

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