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Date night: Watching the sunset at Sennen, followed by cocktails in town wearing lipstick (haven’t washed the sea out my hair, mind...). Now back at home watching telly with wine on the sofa, distracted by my phone, but vitally, remembering that to each other, we are more than simply our oh so familiar roles as parents. So easy to forget. And so important to remember. 
#storyofmum #datenight #sunset #lovewhereyoulive #marriage #parenting It’s amazing how much joy can be found in digging the biggest hole you can and then filling it back in again. Especially when one of the diggers is reading and loving “Holes” at school right now. 
And, there’s a whole lot of joy in watching your husband and your son engaged in a shared passion... especially when they have such beautiful backs ❤️😍❤️ Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous day today. 
#storyofmum #holes #digging #beachday #fatherandson #beautifulboys I didn’t get in the sea this morning because Thursday is my morning of yoga with the gorgeous Leif, but after an exhausting few days, I was so craving some sea time by the end of the day. My morning swims have held me in the light this last week.

So when the kids went off to their club, instead of working or tidying or making dinner, I went and stood on the prom and breathed it all in, feeling the salt spray and the wind on my skin, letting the noise of the waves soothe my breathing, and as the waves rolled in, watching the sea wash through my shadow. Over and away. Over and away.

And somehow, watching the white water wash up over the pebbles and over me, down there, I could feel it clearing out my shadow feelings, washing through me, connecting with my desire to be part of the sea even from up here. And it was beautiful. 
Thankyou for the wisdom and the reflexology today @zen_reflexology, I know this came from you somehow ❤️🌊❤️ #seamagic #storyofmum #shadow #soulclearing There is something especially magical about holes in the middle of tree trunks. As if they’re secret doorways to another world.

I was so grateful that my friend pointed these ones out to me as our kids climbed the trees above us.

How did they get there? 
Did their bodies grow around something that’s no longer there? 
Or connect deeply and completely to another tree to form one beautiful whole?

How perfectly they frame the world and all that grows beyond them. Just as we do for our children.

Tonight, from 8.30pm to 9.30pm, it’s our monthly #somum retreat party - space to connect with other lovely mums for a generous slice of mama-loving me-time.

Tonight, we’ll be talking about gratitude...
Hopefully we’ll all sleep more soundly afterwards, leave the party with something to be grateful for, and thoughts on how to bring a little gratitude into even the hardest of days... If you’re not already a member of our private Facebook group, Mamas’ Everyday Retreat, you can request to join from the link in our profile.

#storyofmum #mamaseverydayretreat #natureart #nature #art #motherhood #treelover I found this beauty of a heart-stone when I was heading across the stones to the sea this morning. 
I tucked it into my sandal for safekeeping when I got into the water, and kept it as a reminder of my love and gratitude for moments like these: swimming in a calm clear sea with two lovely expert older sea swimmers, laughing and chatting and feeling alive. 
We’ll be talking about practicing gratitude, (when that’s easy, and when that’s not...) in our monthly free mamas’ retreat party over in our Facebook group, Mamas’ Everyday Retreat, from 8.30 - 9.30 this Wednesday evening. We’d love you to join us - come connect with other lovely mamas and make some precious time for yourself. Link in profile.

#storyofmum #mamasretreat #mamaseverydayretreat #gratitudestone #heartstone  #nicesandals Look at these beauties! 
This was our retreat lunch yesterday, in the beautiful light-filled grape-vine-covered surroundings of Mudita House: such a special place.

I might have taken a few too many pictures of Kate's amazing vegan chocolate nut healthy 'Snickers' treats, because they were amazing and I'm still dreaming about them... Somehow I completely failed to photograph her equally delicious courgette and rocket soup (I think because I was tidying up, not because it wasn't worth having several bowls full - as many mamas did just that!) We started with a gorgeous grounding yoga session with lovely Leif, followed by a long relaxation afterwards, and some free writing and simple prompts. 
We made beautiful little compliments boxes to remind ourselves of our awesomeness when the inner critic comes calling, collecting compliments for the tough days, and connecting with some lovely new mums as well as some delightfully familiar faces. There were warm hugs and new friendships formed over tea and treats... We chatted and laughed - a lot, especially about how Mudita House can sometimes text autocorrect to Nudity House, which had created some nervousness about the yoga...!! Tickets are now on sale for our next Mamas' Retreat on Sunday 1st July when we'll be back at Mudita House, and we may even get outside if the weather is good...! Early bird and full price tickets available - find out more and book your place at (link in profile)

#storyofmum #mamasretreat #mamametime #womensupportingwomen