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Mum! Crumpets are how most people fall in love with marmite. That’s a fact.

So now you know. 
#storyofmum #crumpets #fallinlove #marmite #thisgirlrighthere Glorious day. Glassy high tide. Unexpected friend. No sharks. Minor seaweed. One seal. I’ll take that, Thankyou.

#goodmorning #storyofmum #theseaisbeautiful #softblue #softgrey Motherhood helped me to fall in love with my body for the first time. To see it as purposeful and miraculous, instead of something shameful that I needed to reshape or reduce to fit in.

My body created children. It fed children (not as I would have liked, but it managed it by itself sometimes...). It held children. It soothed children. It still does. 
My children often like to tease me about my deliciously big bottom, but they delight in my squishiness, the softness of my skin, the cuddly joys of sitting on my pillowy lap and snuggling into my chest. Helping me to love those things about myself.

My children are the reason that when I get up in the morning and look in the mirror, I smile at myself.

That I stretch. Not just my body itself, but also my comfort zone: I stretch away from safety towards the emotional discomfort of being seen, just as I am.

I risk embarrassment and the mean opinions of others. I overcome the voices in my head that say my body is not OK.

I proudly wear a bikini to jump in the water with them. I eat good healthy food, and do all the different kinds of exercise that I love (swimming, yoga, crazy dancing...). I talk often and with love about how strong and beautiful and useful my body is. Even when I’m finding it hard to believe that.

And when parts of my body still don’t quite work in the way I would like them to, or look the way other people say they should, my children are the reason that I try to be kind to myself, to soothe and allow all the difficult feelings that come up for me around these ‘imperfections’. Because those children are my witnesses, little sponges soaking it all up.

And each day that I overcome my own body gremlins to see the beauty in myself instead, I'm providing my kids with a way to do that too. With language to talk about their own bodies. With loving ways of seeing themselves, alternatives to the messaging that will surround them as they grow.

We’ll be talking about mum bods at #somum, our monthly mama get together in (if you're not already a member, just ask to join) from 8.30 to 9.30pm BST.

#storyofmum #lovemumbody I have to confess that video footage of an eight and a half foot blue shark swimming happily around shallow waters in St Ives yesterday made me feel *just* a little bit more nervous than normal of getting in the sea. 
The sea was gorgeously glassy and calm but the ship slick/algae bloom on the surface and all the trails of seaweed swirling around didn’t add to my general enthusiasm... I had a pep talk from hubs about how blue sharks only attack if they’re cornered on a fishing boat and as soon as they heard me coming, they’d go in the other direction. There are loads of them around apparently, nothing to worry about... *gulp*

I was also very grateful when one of the other swimmers said she’d swim along with me and helped by pointing out when I was about to swim straight into a great big pile of seaweed and get all tangled up ... and for once,  compared to a shark, the seaweed suddenly seemed positively friendly.

Made it. Enjoyed it. Feel better for it. Another fear conquered - for now, anyway. It’s a lot easier not to be scared of a shark when you’re out of the water... #storyofmum #seaswimming #scaredofsharks #lessscaredofseaweed #jawshasalottoanswerfor What a brilliant opportunity after school today for the children to see their own ‘cave art’ creations and those of their friends installed in @daisylaingstudio by artist @theocarterweber on the walls of a ‘cave’! I loved seeing how inspired they have been by these creative workshops at school, and by our own visit in recent years to see a little of the stunning cave art in Spain - they even included some of the hand shapes and animals that we saw drawn on cave walls in Cantabria (some of the very oldest art in Europe) which really blew all of us away when we saw it tucked away amongst stalactites and stalagmites.

Even though one of them somehow managed to cover themselves in every colour of  chalk pastel within seconds of ‘looking’ at the art...! Beautiful colourful evidence that creativity is in all of us, and always has been. Even the pastel rainbows left on the school jumper... #storyofmum #creativekids #artistsinschools #artforkids #caveart Maybe it’s all the good weather we’ve been having, but I’m getting so excited about summer holidays this week - with less than a week to go until the schools break up!

This gorgeous photo is from summer last year, and it makes my heart ache: both with joy and the pain of letting go. Another year of that adoring little face looking up, and that soft small hand in ours, has passed. These times together are often exhausting and overwhelming - and so intensely precious.

Sending love to you, wherever you are, and wishing you an adoring face looking up at you, and a small soft squidgy hand holding yours.

#storyofmum #growingup #sunset #fatherdaughterlove