Where can you find me?

You may have noticed that I haven't been around here at Story of Mum so often over these past two years. That's because I've been exploring all sorts of new and wonderful things over at Sea Soul Blessings - and I'd love you to join me there.

I'm still coaching and hosting retreats - and now supporting an even wider group of people, including amazing mothers like you. If you're looking for some one to one support, you might like to know more about my life coaching, blue health coaching and intuitive coaching. If you're keen to find a community to connect with - all looking for ways to feel less overwhelmed, stressed and self-critical - come join me in The Sea Circle.

I'm still hosting nurturing and transformative retreats, and at the moment, these are aimed at individuals or small groups - and they take place on the beach here in Cornwall. 

If you're missing regular love letters in your inbox, I'd love you to come and sign up for the Sea Soul Newsletter so that we can stay in touch. When you sign up, I'll send you seven days of sea - ocean meditations, sea sounds, journal prompts, writing and more. All designed to bring you more peace, resilience and precious moments for you. As a mother, you need those more than ever.

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