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How are you feeling?

September can be a time of transition, of new starts and shifting seasons. And that is both wonderful - and hard at times.

So... how are you really feeling?

On Monday, my son started secondary school.

I still can't quite believe it. I haven't adjusted. How did we go from tiny babe to almost teenager?


In this month's newsletter, Pippa Best share s a recent journey through mental and physical health challenges: that taught her the power of slowing down, sitting with and accepting the difficult feelings, being brave enough to ask for help, and accepting that we are all worthy of love.

Maybe it's a lesson you need right now too?


Our latest mama-loving mail has gone out today...

"How are you? Truthfully?

Writing this email to you always reminds me to pause and check in with myself too. To ask myself - how am I feeling in my body right now?

...A bit sick in my stomach as if I've eaten something wrong. My face and eyes feel tired from getting up early (I'm trying a new morning routine ...

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