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What do you need to be heard right now?

In tonight’s #somum mamas’ retreat - our monthly online get together from 8.30pm - 9.30 pm in Mamas’ Everyday Retreat - we’ll be talking about being heard. We would love you to join us.

Today, over at Sea Soul Blessings , I drew the “may you be HEARD” card. It reminded me of how hard it can be to feel ...

How much courage have you felt this week...?

As we mother, we may be too busy to notice, but we call on courage all the time: it's that deep-rooted mama strength that somehow gets us through the hardest of days.

Sometimes that courage is a lioness within us, fierce and forceful, primed to do whatever it takes to protect our children. ...


Join Pippa Best and Leif Olsen on Saturday 19 January 2019 for a special one-off day retreat.

Welcome the new year and all its beautiful bold beginnings, with a group of inspiring and supportive women.

There will be yoga, delicious food, vision boarding, simple practices to release what no longer serves us, and time ...

Summer is here, even as the clouds roll in.

It’s a season that can often intensify whatever we’re feeling about our bodies.

Summer heat can make us more aware of the physicality of everything - how our bodies feel, self-regulate, ache and move - and also, of how we look.

More of us, and of everyone else around us, is ‘on ...