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We're sending you a little extra love today.

In the UK, it’s Valentine's Day tomorrow, which means that talk of love, and a 'perfect' romantic ideal of roses and chocolate romance is everywhere...

What we spend less time celebrating - and practicing - is how on earth to truly love ourselves.

So at tonight's #somum Mamas' ...

How are you doing?

Beyond the 'I'm fine", what's going on?

- How is your body? Where are you aching? What do you need to soften?

- And how is your heart? What is it holding? What might you release - or forgive yourself for?

I am learning that self-forgiveness is a vital part of self-compassion. ...

How are you doing?

At every retreat we hold, we start with a simple question: how are you feeling in three words? It's a simple reminder to pause and consider ourselves - something we often forget to do. How are you feeling right now?

I'm feeling cold and hungry - because it's gone lunchtime and I've been working like a loony; and because I've been in ...

How are you holding up?

I'm finding that I'm actually doing alright, keeping everything in healthy perspective... until someone innocently asks me if I'm "all ready for [ the day that will remain nameless ]...?"

At which point I seem to go into speedy internal meltdown.

In my case, the meltdown either results in my eating ...