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Maternity Leavers interview with Pippa Best


You can listen to Pippa being interviewed on a couple of great podcasts:

Maternity Leavers with Soozi Baggs: Pippa talks about how she balances her work at Story of Mum and her work freelancing in film as a script editor and project management

Mom at 41: Why Motherhood was a Shock - Pippa talks about how hard it was to transition into becoming a mother in those early days, and how she reconnected to her identity and self-belief again.


Parent Tribe magazine, cover photo and article by Pippa Best of Story of Mum

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You can read about us all over the world, visiting these wonderful places: 

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We've been featured on the ever-inspiring global creative community site, Oh My Handmade three times - writing about why mums deserve gold stars, the power of stories, and following a dream

Pippa's photograph was selected for the front cover of Parent Tribe magazine (on the left), sharing a photo essay and article about our love of found hearts.  

Pippa Best of Story of Mum appears in Good Housekeeping magazine talking about her journey to create a community that supports mums to find themselves and feel happier and more positive

To see how we inspire other mums (and dads!) to get creative and share their stories, check out our virtual exhibition tour, which featured Story of Mum's exhibition on 50 blogs worldwide. 

You can also find our round-ups of the virtual tour on BritMums - round up oneround up tworound up three, and round up four...

Story of Mum has featured in Good Housekeeping, Juno Magazine, Real People, Sainsbury's Magazine, Waitrose Magazine, Brew Drinking Thinking, Primary Times and Mojo Mums, and has appeared in local press (like this) and radio, amongst others.

We were also shortlisted for Tesco Mum of the Year 2012, and Pippa featured in the Daily Mail for our #mykidsdressedme charity campaign.

If you would like to write or talk about Story of Mum, we would love to hear from you. We're also always interested in hearing from mums who'd like to guest post here.