You're in our exhibition!

Pack your bag, we're going on tour and taking you with us!

We're very excited to announce our big news: a travelling pop-up programme of events and exhibitions in 2013, starring YOU! Story of Mum: mums making an exhibition of ourselves will appear at the MK Gallery in Milton Keynes (3 May - 2 June), The Exchange in Penzance (12-13 September), The Photographers' Gallery in London (18-19 October), and the Museum of Motherhood in New York. 

Themed around motherhood and identity, we'll have screenings of I'm a Mum and a... photos, curated readings of our giant mums' poem, evening Story of Mum Make Dates to come together and create stuff for the exhibition, day-time fun for families, and some brand new online activities... 

We'll be linking the exhibition to our Story of Mum Make Dates on twitter (#somum), and sharing material collected by M.O.M. in New York, Proshanti's motherhood project, Kensington Mums and all sorts of other wonderful mums' projects. Find out more here.

We're hoping that Story of Mum: mums making an exhibition of ourselves will take us further on our journey to inspire mums to connect, create and celebrate the ups and downs of motherhood. We would love you to join us - virtually or even better, in person. Can you come and play?

(And of course, if you'd rather your contributions to weren't included in the travelling exhibition, please do let us know.)

What happened last month?

We heard some hilarious Embarrassing Mum stories, and were moved by brave guest posts on the theme of Mum Shame. 

I wrote about my shame at living in chaos, and Vicky inspired me to move on with her fabulous post on how to get over messy house shame. New friend Naomi Wittlin wrote about the shame of not wanting more children, while Samantha shared her opposing shame of wanting more.

When Lyndsay Kirkham shared how she started to get over her birth experience shame, it prompted many other mums to admit their own feelings (including me), also helped by Tara Green's post exploring how shame works and the power of facing it.

We LOVED popping Balloons of Shame (go on - have a go!) at our #somum Mums' Make Date, which was an entertaining co-production with the lovely @prymface and her #youngmumschat. We even trended for the first time! You can read the transcript here.

What else is new?

Inspired by the thrill of sharing our mothering stories in our exhibition, this month's activity will get us all publishing books! Or rather, since we don't really have time to write a book, we'll instead be imagining a front cover (and not worrying about words inside...). Doodle one, draw one, paint one or print one, whatever you like - give it a title and share your story with us. Have a go here. We can't wait to see it on our imaginary Story of Mum book-shelf. 

If you can join us for our next #somum Make Date on Wednesday 10 April from 8.30 - 10pm GMT (world times here), we'll be having a go at making book covers on twitter. You can win a copy of the wonderful An Anthology of Babes, a collection of writings and art about mothering from women who are also artists, curated by the ever-inspiring Suzi Banks Baum.

We can't wait to hear and share your stories. Sending you love and excitement, and very much hoping we might even see you in person soon!

Pippa and Penny