Is your mum exceptional and deserving of a treat?

Hello again!

Sorry to email again so soon but we just have an urgent request for help from all you mums based in the UK... We've got the chance of some great publicity for the project in Real People magazine (225,000+ readers). And to help out, we need you to be nice to your mum and send us a photo...

We're on the hunt for some exceptional mums (and we know that most mums are exceptional). More specifically, we need you as daughters to give your exceptional mums a secret treat - in order to be included in a magazine feature on our March Pack-a-Pocket task.

The idea for the Pack-a-Pocket task is that you slip a secret treat into the pocket of a mum you think needs one - and then report back to Story of Mum, secret agent style... To publicise this, the magazine have asked us to find 15 mum/daughter* pairs to try it out, and they will print 8-10 of these as examples, proving how ace your mum is to the world, and hopefully inspiring more mums to slip treats into the pockets of other needy mums - creating a domino treat effect! All 15 will be showcased on our website too.

*(In the website version, the treat can be for any mum, not just your own mum - as you might think someone else is more deserving after all... but for this article, we're focusing on mum/daughters) .

We would need a photo of you and your mum (ideally together). The magazine are particularly keen to highlight how mums have achieved something significant, done something unusual and inspiring, or been particularly supportive in difficult times - so here are some very crass examples of what we would need from you:

"Carol Smith, 31, from Penzance, wanted to treat her mum, Jane Smith, 63, from Norwich, after Jane raised £30,000 for breast cancer by knitting and selling 30,000 bobble hats with nipples on top / took up wake-boarding and inspired me to face my fear of water / sold her house to help out when I had triplets / lost five stone and saved a neighbour's life (or possibly something a little less ridiculous...). Carol said: 'I heard about Story of Mum's Pack-a-Pocket campaign so I slipped her favourite chocolate bar / a leopard print bikini / a heartfelt poem / a diamond tiara into Mum's pocket as a surprise."

Press coverage like this could really help the project to reach mums across the UK. If you are able to help, that would be fantastic. And if you can think of any other mum/daughters who might be up for it, please put them in touch. We have two weeks to respond, so would be very very grateful if you would come back to us as soon as you can if you think you can help.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Pippa and Penny

PS some great Handle With Care submissions are already coming in this month, take a look and join in here.