Your life in a day - how do you use your time?

How do you spend an average 24 hours of your life? How many jobs do you do? How much of that time do you spend being a mum, a gran, a lover, a friend, a cleaner, a teacher, a worker, a carer...? And how much of that 24 hours is time just for yourself?

As we approach Christmas, with all its joys and challenges, it can sometimes seem like our time is never our own. But at our second Penzance Story of Mum Club, some of us mums made time for ourselves to try out this month's activity, Bake a Pie Chart. We made pie charts to illustrate how we spend an average 24 hours of our lives. The slice that showed when our time was just for ourselves? Well, we illustrated that with a real slice of pie. And ate it, obviously.

It was a really interesting project, making us more aware of our daily routine - and how often we don't make enough time for ourselves. You can check out the charts we madehere. And this month, do spare a slice of time just for yourself, join in, make your own pie chart, and give yourself a nice fat piece of the pie to celebrate.

On a similar theme, I took part in Britain in a Day on 12 November, recording everything that I and my two kids did on (my husband was off doing something much more glamourous) along with thousands of other people across the UK. Our day consisted mainly of eating, laughing and wiping up mess. You can read more about our experience here. Even though nothing really happens, it's amazingly lovely to have a record of an average day in our lives. We're going to do it again next year, maybe you could join us?

November's guest post on creativity and motherhood comes from mother andartist Naomi Harding. To share a day in her life as a creative mum, do have a read of My Child Inspires Me to Create (Just Ignore the Chaos Monster).

Last month's activity In Mumorium prompted some moving posts. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us all. If you meant to share a story about a mum you have lost, but haven't yet got round to it, go ahead and do it now - even if it's just a sentence or two about what you miss or remember most. And of course, as always, you can join in any activity on story of mum at any time.

This month I've also been taking part in the 30 Day Mom Challenge, a list of small mothering challenges to try each day for a month. I haven't quite got to the end yet (we've all been battling pre-Christmas colds) but it's been a fascinating process so far. It has inspired me to write more blogs than I've ever written before! If you'd like to have a read while eating your well deserved mothering pie, some of the posts that seem to have touched people have been Kiss Your Sleeping ChildJoy is a Big WordBeing a Mother is a Gift, and Your Child as an Adult. I also had a really magical moment readingTie Me Down and Make Me Patient aloud to my husband (it's about him, we both cried...)

Thank you so much for being part of our Story of Mum community this year - it's wonderful to have so many of you joining us, exploring the site, and taking part. I hope you get some time for yourselves as you prepare for Christmas.

Seasons greetings to all,

Pippa and Penny