You argued about that?!

We had that ridiculous argument again. The one where my husband and I get very cross as we attempt to correct each other's washing up technique...

tap in a teacupBut I had a little revelation when I did this month’s activity: Storm in a Teacup. I realised that this argument is not really about how to wash up. It’s about whether we feel appreciated. 

Just like when we argue about the state of the house. Or over who paid for what and why.  All of our arguments are about the same basic thing – feeling valued for the ways we each contribute. 

That's one of the reasons that Story of Mum is so important - to remind mums that all the ways we contribute are valuable and valued.

Join us on Wednesday 12 June to chat with other mums and swirl some tea-leaves at our next #somum Make Date on twitter. Or feel free to have a go at ‘reading’ your tea-leaves and uploading your pic to the website any time - we'd love you to share your cuppa with us.
What happened last month?
story of mum: mums making an exhibition of ourselvesWe had a fantastic exhibition launch in Milton Keynes for “Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves” – thanks so much to all of you who came along and contributed so much, it exceeded all of our expectations!

Check out these lovely photos from the evening Make Date, which included five moving personal mothering stories - you can watch them all at My Mum Story. We also heard your wonderful poem curated by Caroline Davies, and learnt the stories behind a fabulous mama-made quilt. There are some wonderful photos from our brilliant Family Make Date to peek at too.
I'm a MOM and a prosecutor and authorAs part of the exhibition, we’ve just shared ten wonderful “I’m a M.O.M. and a…” guest posts from our partners at the Museum of Motherhood in New York – find out more here and visit the posts on our blog.
We made Identity Parades at our #somum Make Date with the ever inspirational @prymface and gave away fabulous prizes from Cupcakes For Clara. We also shared posts on the top six words we use to describe a mother, and celebrating difference. If you want to get selected blogs straight to your inbox, sign up here.
What’s up next?
From June to August, our exhibition will be going on a global blog tour, with mini exhibitions curated and created by mums who blog. First up will be the wonderful Tattooed Mummy. We’ll share the details of each post with you as they happen, and in regular Britmums round ups. If you’d like to host a mini exhibition, we would love that - just get in touch – all the info is here

The Kensington Mums Motherhood Exhibition is taking place in Chelsea on 7 June. It features I'm a Mum and a... photos that we'll be sharing on the website soon as part of “Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves”.
You can visit the growing online exhibition here any time. We would love you to join in. Come make an exhibition of yourself with us...

Know that you are appreciated for all the ways that you contribute to the world, mama!

Love from Pippa and Penny

PS If you are having a day when you feel like the worst mum in the world, read this.