You ARE a Supermum

supermumHow would you describe a Supermum? A mum who 'has it all'? An amazing woman successfully 'balancing' motherhood, housework, career, relationships and a teeny toned waistline perfectly showcased by the latest catwalk fashion? Someone you haven't actually met yet...?

Perhaps a Supermum is simply a mum, like you, who is trying her hardest? A Supermum tries to bring her kids up as best she can (whatever age they are), tries to be there for all those who need her, and tries to make time for her own dreams. 

A Supermum still shouts at her kids when she meant to be patient, pulls over and weeps at the wheel when it all gets too much, and is late for important appointments when mum-duties interfere. 

you rock

A Supermum will occasionally be spotted delivering kids to school in her pyjamas, reading emails on her mobile phone while tripping over the offspring trying to get her attention, and proferring 'home-baked' cakes that look like the cat sat on them (maybe it did). A Supermum sometimes (often) feels like a failure.

But... a Supermum gets up and tries again. A Supermum keeps going. A Supermum smiles. Sometimes, a Supermum outright laughs at how un-Supermum-like they are. A Supermum loves and keep loving. You do all of that. You keep going. You keep trying and you keep loving. You are a Supermum. 

Dear Stevie

This month, we're sending Supermum Postcards that celebrate the Supermums all around us. Buy one, make one, doodle one or paint one - but most importantly, write a message on the back, and send it. Send it to a mum you care about, a mum who is amazing but who probably doesn't see that.

Make something special, make something quick. But make someone's day. Make someone aware of how they inspire you. (And before you send it, share it with us here, so we can all celebrate them and be inspired too).

What happened last month?

We made each other and ourselves feel better with wise words from our Couch Coaches. This fab picture won a coaching session with Kirsten Hanlon of Mums and More. We had another ace twitter party sharing some of the best advice I've ever read from mums to mums - taking a look through this best bits transcript is guaranteed to make you feel better.

We even had some more fab Love Mum Body guest posts and pictures, looking at what our mumbodies mean to our kids, how our childhood affects our body image, and how to love that mum-body more.

We'll be having another #somum twitter party on Wednesday 19 September, so stick it in your supermum diary and come join us on twitter from 8.30 - 9.30pm UK time (world times here).

Now get out there and carry on being Super.

Pippa and Penny