You are more courageous than you think

How much courage have you felt this week...? 

As we mother, we may be too busy to notice, but we call on courage all the time: it's that deep-rooted mama strength that somehow gets us through the hardest of days.

Sometimes that courage is a lioness within us, fierce and forceful, primed to do whatever it takes to protect our children. Sometimes she's as quiet as a mouse, exhausted - but still sneaking past the cat in search of food for those we love.

We call on our courage. Daily. Over and over.

...In getting up again after a sleepless night.

...In facing the day when we just want to hide.

...In saying sorry. Or saying no.

...In sticking to our boundaries, staying true to what we believe, trusting our instincts. In making the tough love-filled decisions.

...In somehow managing to parent, even at our lowest ebb. Imperfectly, but with love. Courage gets us up again after we mess up. Say the wrong thing. Do the wrong thing. Feel like we *are* the wrong thing. 

Cloudy sky over dark sea

How much courage have you called on this week?

Because sometimes you need a reminder of just how courageous you are.

And a reminder to turn some of that incredible courage, resilience and love towards yourself for a change.

Because there is also great courage in asking for help, and sharing how you really feel with someone you trust.

There is courage in being brave enough to put your own needs first. In deciding to sit down. To take yourself for a walk. To let the chaos and 'to-do's" exist, untouched, as you take time to do what lights you up.

Where could you use that courage to support yourself today?

Looking after myself, tending to my own needs, was always an uncomfortable edge for me. As it is for so many of us. I felt too guilty, too busy, too unworthy, too scared to explore what I might find if I came face to face to myself and my own needs.

But finally, after calling on lots of courage to step into the discomfort of tending to myself, over and over again... I can do it. 

Courage encouraged me forward, step by step, until I didn't need it any more (does it sound a bit like parenting by any chance...?) 

And now, my courage is taking me into new territory: towards the next uncomfortable edge. But, the best thing about this next adventure into discomfort? Facing this new edge is easier - because this time, I'm also looking after myself well. 

When we tend to ourselves well, everything else becomes more possible.

Sea swimmer at dawn

Whatever you need your courage for today, look after yourself. Speak to yourself with the same compassion you offer your child (on a good day...). Notice what your body needs. What your heart needs. And make time for that.

I may need less courage these days to care for myself, get into a cold sea, or be vulnerable with a friend.

But trying something new and unproven (like Sea Soul Blessings) is still terrifying

Without listening to my needs, and meeting them, regularly, I don't think I could have found the courage to step into this new adventure. And I am loving it, and proud of myself, in spite of all the fear.

Where could your courage take you today? 

Wishing you all the courage you need, for as long as you need it. 



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Sea Soul Blessings cards laid out


The sea wills you to see your strength in every wave that breaks in your path.

It proves your resilience with challenges to extend your bravery, stroke by stroke.

It asks how far you will go in pursuit of yourself, towards all you can become.

May you face fear with compassion, and still claim your path. May you throw caution to the wind and the gulls. May you find courage in the sea. May you be bold.


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