Yes Vest

Make a Yes Vest with Story of MumYes. Doodle a picture of your very own Yes Vest, saying a big yes to the things you want more of in your life.

Is there anything that makes you do an actual real fist-pump (or that thing when you jump in the air and click your heels together...)? What brings you joy? Shout it from your vest.

Inspired by my favourite necklace made by Stuff Made From Things (you can win one!); a lovely free e-course run by Liz Lamoreux called Yes to this Moment; and my teenage years growing up in the 80s when people wore T-shirts with big writing on ;)

Join us on 8 April on twitter for more chances to win, and a lovely chat about saying yes at #somum.


Pippa's Yes Vest

YES: sharing flying saucers, escalators, sleepy cuddles, laughter, stories and more Yes Days

dear_mummy's Yes Vest

Dear Mummy Blog's YES VEST!

Cath_Jenn's Yes Vest

Yes to looking after myself and feeding my body and soul, with good food, a bit of quiet, wild walks, dancing and a nice bath...perfect!