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Working Mama, Happy Kids 

A 2-hour workshop to bust working mama guilt - giving you simple tools to build your confidence, deepen your connection with your kids, and reclaim ‘good enough’.

Pippa Best, Working Mama with a happy sleeping kid over her shoulder... Join our workshop: Working Mama, Happy Kids

When the school play clashes with a vital meeting, when you miss the call that says they need you? When there aren’t enough hours in the day to be everything you need to be, and you feel a failure at work and mothering? We’ve all been there.

But it doesn’t have to feel like that. Not at all.

What if you knew you were giving your children the self-belief, resilience and love that they need? If you felt able to go to work confident that you were also deeply connected with your secure and happy children?

Join Story of Mum, B-New, and Child and Community Psychologist Dr Emily Jane of Useful Psychology at The Exchange to bust through working-mama guilt with some reassuring evidence.

Replace “overstretched and inadequate” with “informed and confident”, and take away easy-to-use tools that answer vital questions:

- How can I best use my time in ways that nurture a happy and confident child?

- How can I tell when I’m connecting effectively with my children?

- How can I release the guilt, and focus on my strengths as a confident ‘good enough’ mama?

Join us and other working mamas for a fun, useful and reassuring workshop. We’ll even play a bit of Bad Mummy Bingo… 

Dr Emily Jane of Useful Psychology is a chartered psychologist who specialises in supporting children and teenagers. She has worked in the youth and community sector and in schools with educational psychology services. She loves helping families to rediscover playfulness and joy, and has two little beauties of her own, aged 3 and 1. 

Story of Mum is a community of supportive mamas doing creative stuff to celebrate the ups and downs of motherhood. Share your everyday story at

B-New is a cross-channel network to support business-women  in the UK and France.  


While this particular session is aimed at working mamas or soon-to-be working mamas, we'll be expanding the content to all mamas soon, offering workshops elsewhere, and taking it online. We all work as mothers. And every mama matters.  

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