Who have you touched?

Show us what you've touched today, mama. Every little thing you do is amazing.How many things have you touched today?

Who have you soothed, dressed, chivvied, supported? What have you sorted, moved, prepared, transformed?

How many significant tiny things have you done without even noticing them?

You do amazing things every day. 

Small things that make a huge difference to the lives of those around you.

This month we want you to hold those things in your hand and take a good look at them.

We want you to read your value in your palm. 

And know that you matter. That everything you do every day makes a difference.

It can be exhausting. And repetitive. And wonderful and thankless and challenging and heart-swelling. But every little touch has an impact.

(Plus, its fun to draw round your hand and fill it with stuff. And it looks cool. And it's something you can do with the kids if you don't have any child-free time. Join in with I Have Touched... here)

I have touched... What have you touched mama? Every little thing you do is vital.If you're not into drawing or doodling, you can go for the quick option and share some of your words in Handle With Care instead...


Join us on twitter on Wednesday 14 May from 8.30 - 10pm UK time (find your time zone equivalent here) for our monthly Make Date (find out more about those here). 

We have no idea how we will be able to draw round our hands and tweet at the same time, but we know we'll have fun trying! We'll be talking about how we value what we do and the little things we do that make a difference. We'd love you to join us.

What happened last month?

We looked back on those early days of becoming a parent, good and bad, and shared the words we wish we could have told ourselves. Along with some wonderful photos. Take a look here.

New Mama MantraIn fact, the New Mama Mantras are so beautiful that we're going to make a lovely printable from them to inspire the new mamas in our lives, (make sure you've signed up for our 'selected blogs' in your preferences if you'd like to know as soon as that's ready).

Of course, if you would rather not have your New Mama Mantra featured in this little printable treat, let us know!

We celebrated the launch of the wonderful New Mama Welcome Pack (featuring Pippa amongst 60 other inspiring women). Take a peek (and if you buy a pack using this link, we get a contribution to support Story of Mum too. Thank you!).

Pippa shared her story of struggling to adjust to motherhood in Life After Labour as part of a wonderful blog-hop. 

We also had a wonderful #somum Make Date sharing what labour and early motherhood was really like... yikes! Read the highlights here. 

Happy birthday us!

Thanks to all of you, we celebrated our third birthday in April!

Two brave and beautiful mamas shared their personal stories of what being part of Story of Mum has meant to them in our birthday post - what has it meant to you?

Mamas' Retreats with Story of Mum

What's next?

We're hosting our very first virtual mamas' retreat this week - eek! If all goes well, we'll be inviting you to one soon!

If you're super-keen, you could grab a DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit and host your own transformative experience for you and your mama friends - celebrate America's Mothers' Day on Sunday 11 May!

Can you help us win an award!?

We've been nominated for a Brilliance in Blogging award! Yes a real life award. If you can spare 2 minutes to vote for us, you never know, we might even win one! Which would feel completely and utterly amazing.

You can find us in the 'Innovate' category (that's number 16)  right here, or click the BIB button in the left hand column of this page.

With love and appreciation for every little thing you do. Our hand in yours.

Pippa and Penny

PS You are amazing.