When does it get easier?

A long time ago, I can clearly remember people telling me that it would all get easier when the baby was six weeks. It didn’t particularly…
Then it was, “It will get easier when they’re three months", then "six months…”
It will get easier when they finally sleep though the night; when they can feed themselves; when they can walk…

It will get easier when they will settle with someone else...when they start pre-school...when they can make their own breakfast...when they’re in school every day...when they get themselves dressed...when they’re happy to go into town on their own…
Looking at this list, it makes me smile to think that despite all the evidence against this, I’ve continued to assume that one day… it will actually get easier. I’m 11 years in, and every time I look towards one of those moments when I thought ease would come - it proves itself to be yet another mirage. And the parenting challenges shift forward once again. It’s a game of catch up. Of constant change and adjustment. It never gets ‘easy’, and however much we learn, we can never be fully prepared for the next stage. There is always another challenge ahead, ready to unseat us from the wonky donkey of parenting…

It's like hiking up a mountain, and thinking we can see the top - until the peak ahead is revealed. As we parent, we find ourselves facing the next endurance challenge, the next path to be found through the bracken and the rocks. And sometimes, that can feel incredibly hard. Insurmountable even. We feel unsure of our abilities, and doubt our capacity to keep going. We question whether we will ever be "good enough". Caught by the disappointment, shock, inevitability or sheer exhaustion of a new challenge - we forget to pause. Not just to draw strength and have a sandwich… but to look back. 

To look back and see how far we have come. How far our resilience, persistence, faith -and possibly, sheer bloody-mindedness - has taken us. How far we have journeyed already on this parenting journey, fuelled almost entirely by love. We don't stop to notice how amazing that is. How amazing we are for getting here. How much more we can see from here than we could see from the bottom. Even if the path ahead is cloudy - as it always will be, none of us can see the future - we need to look back, and remind ourselves of all the progress we have made. 

Don’t forget to stop and soak up the view today. To appreciative that however hard it is right now, you have already journeyed so far  - through six weeks, three months, six months. And ever onwards.

You persisted.
You learnt so much along the way.
You won't have learnt all of the lessons you will need to face the challenges ahead - because no one does. But you have learnt to move forward when it isn’t easy. How to manage change, and keep going. And that is the most important lesson of all.
So... finally... I’ve stopped hoping for easy. That doesn’t mean that I don’t try to make things easier for myself when I can. If I need a duvet day, and fish and chips tea, that’s absolutely fine with me - that’s usually good self care. Letting go of "it will get easier" simply means that I’ve stopped believing that there will come a point when I know what I’m doing. When I’ll get it right all the time. When I’m a ‘fully trained parent’ with all the skills, all the wisdom, calmly flipping pancakes in the face of chaos.

Instead, I’m choosing to accept where I am now, to value the journey to get here, and to concentrate on simply honing my ability to cope with change. And my ability to cope with change is rooted firmly in my capacity to be kind to myself when things go wrong.  In taking good care of myself. And in remembering to stop when I reach the top of each mini mountain to look back and celebrate what went right, how I grew, and where I am.
Can you do the same for yourself today? Can you find ease in taking care of yourself - in looking after your needs, and appreciating all that you’ve done already today, the hills you’ve climbed to support your children? Rest, look back. Draw strength from all you’ve achieved already. At all the changes you’ve managed so far. And when you’re ready, let's bribe each other with mini gems (or whatever works for you), and continue this journey together.

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And now, before we go, take a moment to pause, and notice the mountains you've climbed already today. Where could you offer yourself some ease right now? What could you do to strengthen yourself and your ability to manage the inevitable change? Take a little moment to do that for yourself right now.

Thank you for being the utterly awesome, love-filled, knackered but still here, doing your best and learning from the mess, invaluable mother that you are every day.

With love
Pippa and Penny

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May you be guided by simplicity. May you savour serenity. May your journey flow smoothly. May you allow yourself to unfurl.

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