When are you happy?


My son’s happiness is obvious, immediate, full throttle. It skitters across his face like a washing line in a gale, a ready kettle of laughter erupting as he expels his joyous energy in jumps, bumps and silly faces. There is no mistaking his delight. I love to watch him and try to remember that childhood feeling of pure unfettered happiness.

My ‘adult’ happiness is different, tempered now with experience, cynicism, so-called wisdom. It can get lost in the busyness of a day. Be over-analysed until it loses its magic. Or simply get stifled by a fear of looking silly.

This month's activity asks you to record one sentence each day for a week – a sentence that describes a moment when you have been happy that day. In my search for happiness, I found more happiness. Kind of like the theory that if you smile when you feel miserable, you will feel better. Somehow being aware of a moment of happiness, catching it in your hand and then remembering it later, made it bigger.  

If you’d like to give it a go, take a look at Happy and You Know It. Or read more about it in Pippa's blogs Catching Happiness and The Happiness Project. Of course you can record your sentences just for yourself, you don’t have to share them with us. Or you can share your joyous moments on story of mum every week for the rest of your life. Whatever makes you happy.  

And if you haven't shared a Memorable Moment of Mum yet, you can still do that any time - we'd love to hear your stories.

Enjoy the Summer!

Pippa and Penny