What's your Story?

Story of mum is all about your stories. Your words, your photos, your doodles. We want to share what goes on in your world, in your head and in your heart. So this month we’re asking mums to share a Memorable Moment of Mum. A moment of pride, of awe, of joy or sadness. What story would you like to share about your life?
Maybe you’ve never shared a story because you’re scared that no one else will find it interesting. Trust us. Whatever it is, how tiny the moment, how basic the English, how personal and irrelevant it may seem to you, it will mean something to another mum out there. We want to read it.
Maybe you already blog and have a favourite post you’d love to share. Maybe you don’t even know what a blogger is. We don’t care – we just want to read your story. It might be a birth story. A funny moment. A confession. It might be a sad but beautiful memory or a dedication to love. It’s your call. It’s your story.
Spurring us all on, the UK's first pop-up Museum of Motherhood will also be sharing mums' stories with us this month. Launching their exhibition and book on 21st June at the V & A Museum of Childhood, they’re raising funds for Proshanti, funding antenatal care in Bangladesh. Find out more on their facebook page and look out for their memorable moments of mum this month.
And a quick catch up on news from May:
Our Twidoodle party was ace! Check out the brilliant Noodle Doodles from mums all over the globe – doodled on twitter, at ‘Make Dates’ in Penzance and Milton Keynes, and in the comfort of mums’ own homes. I LOVE these. It’s amazing how many similar things we have in our heads… You can still share a doodle, we'd love to see yours too.
May's guest post came from the lovely Sally of Dorothy and Theodore on how birthday parties are her moment in the creative spotlight. I’ve been guest posting too, in Pleasantville of all places, about sharing a Mum’s Mix Tape with Penny, (and weeping a lot). At home, I’ve shared my thoughts on what I want out of life (a few moments of peace to work out what on earth I want out of life…).

On Wednesday 20 June from 8.30-9.30pm BST (find your time-zone here), we'll be hosting our next #somum twitter party - if you're on twitter, we'd love to see you there.

Now it’s your turn. Can’t wait to share your stories.

Pippa and Penny