What if Mums got reward charts too?

Why should the kids be the only ones getting cool stickers to recognise how ace they are, and spur them on to be better? We mums deserve gold stars too.

struggling mums' reward chartI've made myself a reward chart this month - check it out here. (It's a slightly more serious version of the one featured on the right...). I'd love you to join me if you fancy making one too (no pressure if you don't).

To spur you on, I've written about the power of dangling a carrot and what I'm planning as a reward, if I can just earn myself those shiny stickers... 

Join us to make a Mum's Reward Chart

We'll be loading up our reward charts and reporting back on our favourite stickers. If you'd like to write a guest post about your experiences, do get in touch.

What happened last month?

October brought a fascinating exploration of motherhood and identity to story of mum. We are mums and... teachers, sewage disposal units and milk-makers, feminists and farmers. 

jen's mum and a picture

Check out our "I'm a Mum and a..." photo gallery brimming with wonderful new photos of mums from our #SOmum Mums' Make Date and a brilliant Mums Matter event attended by Penny in Milton Keynes - thank you all for your amazing words.

We also had some fantastic guest posts on motherhood and identity.

Our fragile identity, our 'mess' of self, our different hats, our ability to adapt, our search for balance, and our desire to revert to who we were before. These qualities sit alongside an emerging or solid sense of ourselves as artists, confident women, feminists and 'book birthers'.

We had another inspiring Mums' Make Date on twitter, exploring when it is that we feel most like ourselves and brave ways to answer the question "so... what do you do?". We talked about what we believe that defines us, and what we feel we have lost and gained by stepping into our identity as mums. You can read some of the highlights here - fabulous words from fabulous women.

What's up next?

Next months' #SOmum Make Date will be from 8.30pm - 9.30pm GMT (world times here) on Wednesday 14 November, we hope you can join us. In honour of Movember (men grow moustaches in November for charity) we'll even be giving away some extremely classy moustaches, care of our lovely friends at NPW. Now that's what I call a reward...!

Last but definitely not least, Pippa is being featured as See Beautiful's Woman of the Month. Which just goes to show, us mums are all beautiful, wobbly bellies, moustaches and all.

With love as always for all the trying, hoping, failing and trying again...

Pippa and Penny