What hopes float your boat...?

And so it begins. Letting go of unnecessary regrets from the year before, and starting afresh with the bright possibilities of the new... Hooray!

What do you hope for this year, mama? For you, for your family, for the world?

Make a Hope Boat with Story of MumInspired by my lovely friend Sarah, this month we'll be doing one of my favourite warm weather activities (and why not!) - making paper boats to set loose in the sea, streams and rivers near us (or even our baths and sinks, we're not fussy...).

Fold a simple boat full of your hopes for the year and let it sail blissfully off into the future...

Or... watch it sink, that's what normally happens with the boats we make, and that's OK too.

Because the important thing is that the thoughts are thought, and the hopes cast on.

Don't cry over the sinkers, we all have sinkers - just remember, our hopes don't sink with them ;)

Looks a bit complicated?

Well, if you know how to make a hat out of a piece of newspaper, you're halfway there already. If not, there's a quick explanation of how to make your boats (and have a go with your kids too if you fancy it) over at Hope Boats. 

Naturally, we encourage boat-naming, and christening them grandly with whatever fizzy pop you have left after New Years' Eve... 

We would also love you to join us to make and christen boats and share our hopes at our next #somum Make Date on Wednesday 14 January from 8.30-10pm UK time (find what time that is in your time zone with this handy link.)

Last but definitely not least, if you are still looking for a new year's resolution, this one is the only one you need:

Resolve to make time for YOU, mama - with love from Story of Mum

What happened last month?

We joined the Craftivists in their #WellMaking Craftivists Garden (all of you lovelies who sewed or crocheted a flower, don't forget to stick it up in our gallery as well as sending it on to the Craftivists)... 

Craftivists #wellmaking gardenThe activity prompted a really fascinating discussion at our last #somum Make Date about what well-being means to us as mothers. We talked about how we manage daily stress, and whether as mothers, we feel acknowledged for all that we bring to society (short answer - generally, we don't!)

But we also shared what a positive difference making, creating, and crafting has made to each of us - including our regular #somum chats! So if you haven't joined in yet, stick 14 January in your diary and make this the year that you do...

What are our plans for 2015...?

We've had to put sales of our DIY Mamas Retreat Kit on hold while we struggle to understand the new EU VAT rules. Hopefully we'll be able to make sense of them soon... 

Father and daughterIn the meantime, here's a lovely picture of my husband and daughter looking out towards a world free of unnecessary bureaucracy. I'd better put that hope in my boat ;)

We're still working on lots of ideas for wonderful new projects and activities to help Story of Mum become sustainable and help as many mums as we can. And your responses to the survey have been really really useful so far.

There's still time to tell us what you think - we really really would love to know - each survey below will take about 5 minutes:

1. Tell us what you think about our new ideas

2. Joined a Mamas' Retreat? Tell us what it was like for you

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of MumOur next Sunday Morning Mamas Retreat is on Sunday 18 January - grab yourself a gift voucher or find out more and buy your ticket HERE to make sure you can join us. Together, we'll be exploring what we hope the year will hold, and helping each other to make our biggest hopes come true. More info coming soon...

Whether you can join us or not - don't forget, you are doing amazingly, and YOU are worth hoping for.

Sending you love and support for the year ahead - you're more than up to it, you really are.

Pippa and Penny


PS Honestly, we really do want to know what you think we should do next - so please do send your ideas our way any time xx