What did you love creating as a child?

What sort of stuff did you love making as a child?

I used to love making paper fortune tellers.

Make Feel-Good Fortune Tellers with Story of MumEven though I'd filled them all with words I wrote myself, somehow I was always surprised when I opened one up moments later to find a lucky 'fortune'.

Well this month we've decided to reinvent them as a fun way to combat those bad days we have as mothers: Feel-Good Fortune Tellers.

Let's fill our grown up mama fortune-tellers with lovely things we'd say to a friend who was feeling bad.

And when we're feeling bad, and we open up our fortune-teller, we'll hopefully be reminded to treat ourselves with that same kindness.

Will you make one with us?

Last month's news:

Lots of holidays! It's been wonderful spending so much time together as a family, and also exhausting. This morning my daughter headed back to pre-school for the day and I missed her so much.

Last month's activity was all about noticing where our eyes lingered, and there are some fantastic eye doodles at I Have Watched (like this gorgeous example from Kim below).

Where have your eyes lingered today? Kim's I Have Watched for Story of Mum

You can catch up on all the fun from our wonderful eye-doodling #somum Make Date over here.

And if you still have an eye to share, we'd love to see it. Even if you don't doodle, it's always worth taking a moment to run through the images of your day last thing at night 

Having said that, I stopped writing a post about where my eyes had lingered when I realised it was mostly on my computer screen...

Mama Guilt Gremlins? Meet the Self-Carey GodmotherOther blog posts?

I wrote one of my most popular recent blog posts ever: The Contradictions of Bliss

And shared the gremlins in my head (complete with visual aids, we really do spoil you...) that always appear when I first think about taking time out for me: Mama Guilt Gremlins? Meet the Self-Carey Godmother.  

And in case you missed them... we had some more Bad Mummy confessions this month. So do feel free to share your own any time you like, anonymously or otherwise!

What's up next? 

Our next #somum Make Date on twitter is on Wednesday 10 September from 8.30 - 10pm UK time. We're nearly always joined by mums from all over the world - so you can find times for different time zones over here.

At this month's Make Date, we'll be talking about how we make ourselves feel good, especially when we're feeling anything but good - and of course, we'll making our Feel-Good Fortune Tellers together.

So mark it in your diary and come and join us on twitter - or share your very own paper fortune teller on the website any time you like. 

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of MumSoul nurturing for mamas: 

We're hosting a Sunday Morning Mama's Retreat on 21 September and we'd love you to join us. As of today, there are only TWO precious places left, so please do jump in and book yours now. You deserve it, you really do, and we'd love to see you there.

Your future holds many fabulous feel-good moments...

Pippa and Penny

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