What are you thinking?

I'm thinking... a mountainous ‘to do’ list, fears for my children, regrets and self criticism, crazy dreams of sleep, joyful moments of love, and an unquenchable desire for chocolate. These are the most common thoughts jangling around in my head.  Other times, it’s just chocolate. What about you?

What’s up this month?
You can win chocolate. This month we’re asking you to Noodle Doodle. You don’t need any fancy equipment or artistic vision, you just need to grab a biro and the back of an envelope and quickly scribble what’s going on in your head right now. You can doodle while you’re on the phone, juggling saucepans, or planning a cardboard box moon landing. Think of it as a multi-tasking workout for your brain. Then take a photo of your doodle and share it with us.

If you like the idea of doodling along with some other mums, join us for the world’s first ever Twidoodle Party. On Wednesday 9 May from 8.30pm – 9.30pm BST (find out what time that is in your timezone here) we’re jumping on twitter in an attempt to recreate our face-to-face story of mum get-togethers in the virtual world. Join us and chat with mums worldwide as you doodle.

And as we love chocolate as much as we love you, you can also win the best chocolate in the world just for taking part. Even if you can’t join us on twitter, you can upload your Noodle Doodle picture onto the website on or before 9 May 2012 and we’ll enter you into the draw to win some Raw Choc Pie. NOTE: this is a lucky draw, not a competition, so please don’t worry if your noodle has absolutely no artistic merit at all. You can still win chocolate.


What have we been up to?

April was amazing. Our community is growing, along with our ambitions for the fun we can have together. We’re particularly thrilled to be welcoming lots of new mums to story of mum this month – hello!
Our first birthday twitter party was mind-bogglingly marvellous, (you can read some of the highlights here).


This month has also seen a veritable Messtival of Photograph your Chaos photos shared on the site, and as a result I am feeling perfectly at ease sitting here surrounded by toys, bits of food and stained old teacups. If you have been waiting for the right moment to share your chaos, this is it.
On the blog, there has been much chat about singing chocolate and the market forwonky bras (for those of us with one larger than the other). I’ve been inspired by my daughter to say YES more (there is an unutterably cute picture of her in this post, I defy you not to whisper yes at the very least…).

                                                                          image: ohdearbarb

And getting all 'momtivational', we cohosted a #MumsNight chat with Transatlantic Momon how mums can follow our dreams. There are some really useful resources here if you've got a dream that needs following. If you need a further push, check out this fabulous guest post from Maggie of Red Ted Art: an inspiring personal story of motherhood bringing creative freedom and a chance to do what she most loves. Every day. You too can have that, and YES you really do deserve it.
Please empty your head onto a piece of paper for us.  Then relish a brief moment of empty-headed peaceful contemplation before those crazy thought-children come rushing back in….
Looking forward to doodling with you.
Pippa and Penny
P.S. For those of you for whom English isn’t a first language, no noodles will be harmed in the making of a Noodle Doodle (unless of course you are obsessed with pasta, which is fine), it’s actually a slang term for your head.

noodle doodle
                                                                         image Steppydoodle