What are you looking at?

What did your eyes linger on today? With Story of MumThank you so much for the incredible response to last month's newsletter. It made a huge difference to how I was feeling. You made me feel enough. 

I hope you know that you are too.

It's holiday time in the UK so this will be another shorter-than-average newsletter. I'm still struggling to catch up with work and Story of Mum, with limited childcare and over-excited kids... 

I'm not complaining though, as I just got back last night from a really lovely holiday in Northern Spain.  

So, wherever you are right now, I'm wishing you some beautiful moments of rest and relaxation.  (Not that I had many of those, but here's a lovely photo when I appreciated my son having one...) 

Where have YOUR eyes lingered today...? 

Recently I've been asking myself this question each night before I go to sleep.

It was prompted by a little card in An Abundance of Blessings. There are other good questions here, but this one is my absolute favourite. 

It's such a simple and powerful prompt. And often the answers surprise me. 

What are you looking at? With Story of MumWhere have my eyes focused? Which images have seared themselves into my memory today?

I try not to judge my responses (which is hard!) and instead just notice the pictures that first pop into my mind.

Frequently, I'm reminded that I've spent more time than necessary looking at my phone instead of seeing what's happening around me...

And yet each night I find I'm also reminded of the incredible beauty and expression of my children. Images of their faces come back to light up my thoughts and remind me to appreciate them anew. 

What are you looking at? With Story of MumWe experience precious little moments every day. Yet we don't often pause and truly see them.

My growing obsession with instagram (find me over here) is another way I've been capturing these precious daily moments. 

Which ironically means I spend EVEN MORE time looking at my phone... hmmmmm.

Will you join in with us this month?  

Our activity for August is to doodle an eye and simply describe the first few images that come to mind when you ask yourself 'where did my eyes linger today?'.

These are the images that came to my mind when I thought about where my eyes lingered yesterday:

Where did your eyes linger today?

As well as the dreaded phone-checking, I watched my kids interacting with other children in the brightly coloured soft play area on the boat back from Spain; I scanned the huge expanse of sea hoping for sight of dolphins, and enjoyed early morning glimpses of my dozy-faced husband wrapped in white crumpled sheets as he drank coffee.

I watched myself filling a bowl with highly-anticipated delicious French salads from the on-boat buffet (I got chips too but I don't seem to remember looking at them for long...!). I was reminded of my fingers attempting to gently untangle my daughter's wind-swept toothpaste-filled hair (much to her horror); and sorting clothes from a suitcase unpacked when we finally made it home.

Look At All The Women by Cathy Bryant - published by Mothers Milk BooksJoin our next #somum Make Date

We'd love you to join us for a communal doodle on twitter at our next #somum Make Date on 13 August from 8.30 - 10pm UK time (find world times here).

We'll be sharing where our eyes have lingered and celebrating what we see (the good and the bad...) with some eye-related give-aways..  


First up is a generous gift from lovely Teika at Mothers' Milk Books - their new collection of poetry from Cathy Bryant: Look At All the Women, the cover of which is also illustrated with some beautiful eyes, care of talented Georgie St Clair...

Win one of Lu and Ed's Mon-Stor gadget casesSecond up is a one-of-a-kind one-eyed monster/mobile phone case from lovely Lu and Ed (as I got sent an extra one by mistake as part of Oh My Handmade's fabulous #makermail...).

You can choose from blue or yellow (as shown here), and I get to keep the other one!

You might also appreciate this beautiful short poem by Marija Smits:  Don't Blink, which also features another beautiful eye illustration.

What happened last month?

I Am Enough - Scheenagh Harrison

I wrote about the inspiring Mothers of Innovation conference, where incredible women like Karyn McCluskey shared stories that changed the world. We also had a fab guest post from Scheenagh Harrington about her journey towards feeling enough.

Together, we talked about what being enough really feels like at another lovely #somum Make Date, and shared our I am Enough photos to celebrate the launch of the Good Enough Mums musical (look out for their #WellbeingWed activities on twitter this month).

And the rest of July... Did I mention holidays...?

Here's looking at you, beautiful mama.

Pippa and Penny 

PS If you're curious about what Pippa got up to on holiday, you can of course find lots of photos over on instagram. I'll be sharing some on facebook soon too...