Wet days and my #bbcdad experience!

It's a quick one this month - down here in sunny Cornwall, it's the "holidays" so time is tight! Nonetheless, I was determined to remind you to put your needs first before we got halfway through the month this time (unlike last month...!).

Self care for mothers, retreats for mothers, overcoming exhaustion, help for stressed mums, support to change my life, how to look after myself better

Sadly, I just realised it stopped being 'sunny Cornwall' about two hours ago.

I realised that at exactly the moment I remembered that I hadn't got the washing in...

So now that lovely mama me-time moment I've been anticipating all day - of snuggling up under the year's first sun-dried fresh covers to smell all that lovely sunshine and fresh air - has been cancelled.

And unfortunately replaced with the frantic hanging of wet sheets over every radiator in the house. And a general smell of damp.Not quite what I was hoping for.

Sometimes our best-laid plans to look after ourselves go awry. Sometimes there's a poorly babe or someone else who needs looking after instead. And that's OK. As long as we don't get knocked too far off our path. 

When that happens, we just have to make sure we find that me-time and nurturing somewhere else. And soon. Because when things go wrong, or others need our last resources, that's when we need self care even more. 

Self care for mothers, retreats for mothers, overcoming exhaustion, help for stressed mums, support to change my life, how to look after myself better

Never mind, in my case, it's all good. My dad is looking after the kids overnight (woop woop!) so that I can head off to work in the university early tomorrow.

I have dried apricots, half an avocado, and a good attitude, and I'm going to use my me-time malfunction as my excuse to have a glass of wine and watch a film in a minute, so everything is going to be alright.

I'm giving myself ten more minutes to finish this email to you, and then my mama me-time is on...!

So, how are you doing? When did you last stop and have a moment to collect your thoughts? Pause and think about what you need right now? (fresh sun-dried sheets, anyone...?)

What are you doing this week that's just for you? (Apart from reading this email, that's good, that counts, well done, and can you do something more...!) 

Whether your kids are old enough to be on school holiday now, or small enough that the word 'holiday' barely belongs in the dictionary any more, it's vital to take some time out for you.

What are we up to next?

Our next #somum Mamas' Retreat Party will be in May, so join us on Wednesday 10 May in Mamas' Everyday Retreat for that.

We've also just released tickets for our next Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreat on 21 May - there are a few early bird slots, so nab your tickets now over here.

Raising Films Closr Programme

Have you heard about Closr?

If you work in the media industry (or used to before motherhood) or know a mum, dad or carer who fits that brief, you might be interested in a scheme that I'm going to be involved in delivering with Raising Films this year...

The Closr Development Programme offers invaluable (and rare!) support to network, develop projects and reconnect to the industry alongside family commitments, 

And I have to say, it's very unusual to find a project to work on that uses both my filmmaking/ talent development skills, and my love of supporting mums (and all those who try to balance caring for others with following our dreams and making a living...).

I'll be one of the two coaches on the programme and I'm very excited!

credit: Greg Martin, Cornwall Live - Self care for mothers, retreats for mothers, overcoming exhaustion, help for stressed mums, support to change my life, how to look after myself better

Want to see what my kids get up to when I'm being interviewed?

Well unlike #bbcdad, I knew my kids were watching while I was interviewed for this little video at the end of March. 

But they were supposed to be listening quietly, and just having their photo taken after - not sure what I was thinking there! How to present a professional front as a mum...!

I hope it brings you joy, and reassurance that you are not alone amongst the chaos. 

(Thanks Greg Martin and Cornwall Live for the photo!)

Right, I'm off to move sheets around on radiators, and then wine and a movie in bed it is! 

May your days be filled with the smell of fresh sheets warmed by the sun, and the soothing sensation of a cool pillowcase on those hot harassed mama cheeks ;)  

You're doing an awesome job, and you really truly are enough, malfunctions and all.

Much love,

Pippa and Penny

PS I'm so focused on making time for me this evening, that I'm not even going to proof read this email, so apologies in advance for any typos and dodgy links xx