I'm a mum to three daughters aged 8 years, 6 years and 10 months old. Each girl is completely different to her sisters. They have designed themselves this way to keep me on my toes and to keep me buying and reading parenting books. Me and my husband have been together since I was 18 although it took us 10 years to get married and 12 years to have children. You can't rush these things. I am the owner of fingers in many pies that are projects in my local community in Croydon. Currently I'm in charge of the children's area and events in the Purley Festival and involved in a project run by 6 of us volunteers to get a Code Club (an after school computer programming club) into all 80 of our local primary schools, as part of the Croydon Tech City project. In my business I run workshops for parents that aim to give us all more ideas and energy to manage common parenting issues such a anger management and sibling rivalry. I also coach parents, children and families. I love to read. I love to go on courses. I love being part of my noisy, boisterous family.

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