Feel like a dancer, act like a clown, and adore being a grandmother, now of 3 adorable littles. Flit between Milton Keynes, London, Penzance and fly between UK and Poland/Croatia/Netherlands for work too much!! My heart is stretched (miraculously easily) with different homes, travel, and new identity as grannie person. What a glorious gift to be given in life's short journey.

Penny' stuff

Penny's Reward Chart (Mums Reward Chart)
Penny's Nature Mandala (Nature Mandala)
Butterflies visiting (In Mumorium)
Dancer (I'm a mum and a...)
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Walk in nature and .. listen....! (Feed Your Cookie Mumster)
Laptop dining and kitchen (Buntify your Life)
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Penny's Pie Chart (Bake a Pie Chart)
yes! riiiiiip ! let it go (Balloon of Shame)
me me me (Balloon of Shame)
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My selfishness and... POP! (Balloon of Shame)