I am a new mum with a new business and a new fiancé! I have a gorgeous little daughter called Ivy and she is 6 months old. With my sister and friend, I have started a new business called London Mothers Club. It is an events club for mums and we are hoping to start our events in September.

Before Ivy, I was an economist and worked for the water regulator, Ofwat. My time as an economist involved working for a few government departments in Jersey, Sydney and Birmingham as well as on some high-profile competition law cases for big companies such as Apple!

I love travelling with my family and my favourite places are Varenna in Lake Como, Amsterdam and Berlin. I really love fashion and spend way too much time on www.net-a-porter.com! I am quite creative and spend a lot of my time making jewellery and greetings cards - I recently made a friend's wedding invitations and regularly make invites for baby showers etc.

Aside from being a busy mum and trying to get LoMoC off the ground, I am also planning my wedding to my lovely fiancé Tim. We are getting married next May in Jersey. It will also be a naming ceremony for Ivy. Not being one for convention, I won't be getting married in a wedding dress but in a vintage Chanel (which I have already bought :)), there won't be speeches in the traditional sense, and there will be loads of flowers (roses, cornflowers, heather, thistle, lily of the valley and daisies...).


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