I'm a 40 something mummy to a little boy aged 4 years 9 months, the full on ness hit me like a ten ton truck. No experience of kids whatsoever, never babysat, no kids in family or amongst closest friends prior to becoming mummy, no in laws to help, but very good father. Not in the best of health,  I was supposed to have a little girl who just sat there demurely, playing with her dollies. Instead I got action boy, running round, checking everything out a million times- then re-checking it, just in case. I wouldn't swop him for the world. Love the little, unexpected things he says and does every day that make me smile- need to record them, they have a limited life span. Currently battling with learning to get dressed (him, not me). I bought the Bing bunny book on it, because Bing's word is gospel, only to find Bing wets himself getting dressed. Not good Bing, don't you realise you're setting an example? Note to self: not good, talking to Bing Bunny, need to get out more. I am an Essex girl living in Cornwall, I've got a degree in Social Science, worked for Connexions youth service prior to ill health and background in guidance, also a qualified Aromatherapist. Love dancing and craft, specially embroidery and papercraft like Iris Folding. Still need to regain bits of me swallowed up by motherhood and ill health respectively, or maybe simultaneously, but these things take time.