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I'm an optimistic fool who is old enough to know better. My life is full and happy but I still like a good rant and I sure as hell don't bottle things up. I dance as thought no one is watching even in a room full of people. I love junk shops and car boot sales, fabrics and clothes, especially high heels. I have just started making things with a sewing machine and I hope to get busy with knitting needles too. Scribbling, paint and music feature heavily in my life. I enjoy getting vocal about politics and current affairs and have been in the audience at BBC Question Time....but I also watch The Voice and The Vampire Diaries, oh and I went to watch Top of the Pops being filmed once, it was awful. I don't have guilty pleasure, I think if you enjoy something it's just a pleasure and life is too short to feel guilty! The great outdoors is a wonderful place. I have lived in The Gambia, Berlin and Cornwall amongst other places but now call Bristol my home. To add to the household coffers I am a holistic massage therapist and a writer of web copy although I mean to make massage my main income as this is a passion for me. I am married to a wonderful German fellow and of course the most wonderful thing in my life is our love and our little daughter Leelah Mazy who is a bundle of joy and farts.

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