Try something new with your son/daughter this Summer

Can you remember what it felt like to try something new as a child? Did you feel brave, alert, engaged - maybe a sense that you were really living? How often do you share that feeling with your son or daughter now?

This month's activity is First Timers - an incentive to use the Summer to do something out of the ordinary with your children, (whatever your respective ages!) and to share their response and your experience. High energy abseiling or a camel-safari if you fancy that - or a quieter option, eating oysters or creating a painting together maybe. Whatever you both want to try. Your imagination is the only limit. 

And getting into the first-timers spirit early, we've had several Story of Mum firsts recently... Our first ever guest post from author and creative writing tutor Harriet Hopkinson about creativity and motherhood went up on the site a few days ago. (And if you'd like to share your thoughts on being a creative mum for this series of posts, or to write a guest post on another subject for the site, we'd love to have you - just get in touch).

We also hosted our first ever Story of Mum Group at the Exchange Gallery in Penzance. 8 mums, 9 kids and 1 bump shared cake, chat, crafts and supermum postcards. Creative kiddy mayhem, but chaotic fun had by all. It was great to come together - we're now trying to work out how to make a bit more space for mums within the maelstrom. If you'd like to get a couple of mum friends together to try activities from the website, we'd love to hear from you and share our experiences of making a Story of Mum group work.

We have really loved reading your Happy and You Know It lists. If you haven't sent yours in yet, please do - and browse the entries from other mums. It has been wonderful to have a reminder of the happy parts of our lives, however challenging. It also inspired me to make a list of all the things I do well as a mum instead of concentrating on my many failures. Why not discover how you're actually a supermum too here.

Well, I just had my first go at a First Timers with my toddler today - our 'new experience' was nothing spectacular and yet it was lovely to watch his excitement. And it made me want to have another go, something more out of the ordinary next time... any great ideas? Whatever you choose for your first time, we're looking forward to sharing your adventures, big or small...

Pippa (and Penny, somewhere in Zagreb...)