Mum Trumps

Mum Trumps

Do you remember playing trumps as a kid? Comparing monsters, vehicles, cartoon characters or sports-stars in the playground? Well, we think mums deserve our very own pack of Mum Trumps!  

Doodle yourself a Mum Trump Card and share it here. if you want to play along with us, we're assigning a total score of 50 to our special skill, weapon, IQ, agility, and arch-nemesis. But if you want to create your own categories, that's fine too!

Read what we got up to at our #somum Make Date making Mum Trumps together. You can find fabulous Mum Trump templates in our brand new hot off the press DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit too...!


Don't worry - you don't need to have a fancy template to join in, just doodle your own!

If you're desperate for a template, then you can find one in our DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit.