Tender Care

How are you doing right now?

I'm feeling a bit depleted after too many late nights and busy days, and in need of some extra mama love today.

In case that's how you're feeling too, we're sending you some extra appreciation with this email.

Think of it as a virtual confetti shake of hearts and glitter, but with none of the mess to clear up afterwards...


Yes, you are good enough, just as you are, mistakes and all. In fact, your mistakes actually make you more awesome, because that's how we learn and get better at this parenting stuff. 

Yes, you're probably trying to do too much. Even on the days when you're trying to do less.

And yes, you need to make those plans for spending more time with your friends. Or your partner, or whoever it is you wish you could hang out with more often.

Because you need them and they need you.

Yes, it's time to stop putting off that visit to the doctor. Because actually, your health matters. It matters a lot. 

Yes, your expectations are probably too high. Of other people, sometimes. But of yourself, especially. 

It's OK to be kind to yourself today. 

And every day.

To be a brave kind of average. 

You don't have to be exceptional, or perfect. You don't need to get everything right first time. You just need to be you. Full of love. That's enough 

it really is OK to stop and take a break. Yes, that's hard. And it will also make you more productive. And you'll feel stronger and more patient. 

Even when the washing is piled up around your ears, the house is in chaos, urgent deadlines are stressing you out, the kids need feeding, and someone is calling you. Even then, taking five minutes out, just for you, is OK.

So how about now?

What can you take off your list? What can you stop worrying about? What won't actually matter a year from now? Or even in a week? What can you let go, so that you can pick yourself up? 

Because you are amazing. Every single day. And amazing people need tender care too. 

Because even when it feels like you're stretched so far that you'll never make it, you do. Even when it seems like no one else notices, that no one else appreciates what you do, you carry on. Every day, you try your best, and you mess up, and you learn, and you keep going.

Because you love so fully. With your whole precious tender mama heart.

And that matters.

You matter.

Thank you for everything you do.


So far, we've shared the stories of 55 amazing women in our 365 Amazing Women series!

And the love and appreciation for these women has been a complete delight to witness.

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"Since I met Lynne, I have looked up to her - she is a fierce and powerful woman who works tirelessly for our community. Even when times have been difficult or she has lacked support she hasn’t given up... I have very much respect for the woman that she is - she says it how it is..."

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"Donna is an inspiration - compassionate, kind, beautiful, wise, creative. She is committed to love, and to living as full and appreciative a life as she can, and her passion for both these things is infectious. Donna's beautiful bright daughter Rose died when she was young, and she shares about her experiences of mothering and losing Rose so powerfully and openly..."

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