Team Honk Penzance does Dance-Walk-Fitness!

Team Honk Penzance have done us proud for the past three years raising funds for Sport Relief

You can see us here getting blown about as we started the Team Honk Relay from Lands End, wearing odd shoes...

This year we'll be back on the prom, but with a difference...! Read on to find out more...

But first, a little history:

The Team Honk campaign fun started in 2013 when bloggers all over the UK shared postcards from the amazing Penny, Annie and Tanya's trip to Ghana, spreading the word about the impact of Sport Relief's international work.

In 2014, we started the blogger relay across the UK.

.. and last year was even more epic!:

Pippa and Penny at the Comic Relief Danceathon with Team Honk in 2015

Me and my spectacular mum joined the 6 hour danceathon at Wembley covered in balloons, which was awesome.

...Especially when we got to roll around on the floor to pop them all at the end)

AND we had a fantastic time in Cornwall and all around the country with #mykidsdressedme.

Entire school playgrounds were filled with parents who'd let their kids dress them for the school run - it was hilarious!!

We've also done an awesme zumbathon or two over the years, and so it appears that we have been secretly honing our dance skills ready for this year's extravaganza...!

So what are we doing this year - and how can you get involved?

Have you seen this very funny film from Ben Aaron below? Well, it has inspired this year's activity for Team Honk's #passtheproud event! We're bringing Dance Fitness Walking to Penzance promenade (and anywhere else you'd like to have a go). Our very own version of Dance Walking Fitness will hit Penzance late afternoon on Sunday 20 March, to raise funds for Sport Relief...

Dance Walking Fitness Ben Aaron. Time to Dance Walk Baby


So if you're nearby, come and join us! And if you're not nearby, sponsor us and we'll get some photographic and video evidence so you don't miss out!

Everyone is welcome - the only rule is you don't have to be good at dance-walking, but you do have to dance-walk. You can donate to join in on the prom (£5 a family?) and/or raise sponsorship from friends and family who are keen to see you make a prize fool of yourself... 

Fundraising for Sport Relief

Sponsor Perks:

- Sponsor us £1 or above, and we will thank you heartily right here on the Story of Mum website (by name if you like..!)

- Sponsor us £5 or above, and we'll name a dance move after you!

- Sponsor us £10 or above, and you can choose a song for our play-list...!

- Sponsor us £25 or above, you can choose a type of outfit for one of us to wear...!!

- Sponsor us £50 or above, you can have your very own VIDEO EVIDENCE of both of those things, and maybe even an autographed photo, who knows...

A HUGE THANK YOU to Uncle Jona and Sally-Ann, Crispin, Fen, my mum and two ANONYMOUS donors (you know who you are) so far...!

We're also especially grateful to Wayfair, who will be sponsoring us as part of Team Honk for Sport Relief with a whopping £100!

Late night sash-making for Team Honk Penzance's attempt at Dance Walking Fitness for Sport Relief

We'll meet on the prom and dance off into the sunset (or the pouring rain) for an unexpectedly awesome tea-time boogie, dance walking fitness style, preferably in inappropriate power-shouldered office clothes or other untraditional dancing outfits.

We'll surprise passers-by with our awesome moves, and hopefully persuade a few of them to shake a tail-feather with us...

We *might* need to end at a pub. And/or pause for a cuppa and cake sustenance while still dancing at the Little Wonder Cafe...

And, get excited, because I have been making sashes. So we'll be offering life-long winner's sash credibility for the most awesome dance walking fitness moves on the go. Get practicising, people!

Watch this space. Because soon, we will be dancing in it. 

Find out more on our facebook event page.

And did I mention we'd love you to sponsor us if you can please!! Every £1 counts, really it does - to help people in dire need in the UK and around the world.


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