Story of Mum in April

April has been an amazing month for us - launching story of mum online via twitter and at a great party in Penzance (ace pictures on our facebook page). A hearty welcome to all the new mums and grandmums who have signed up this month, and thanks again to all our 'tester' mums for helping to make the launch such a success. 

We've both been in Singapore for our brother/son's wedding since then, which was another April highlight. Quite a challenge with a hot tired toddler and a 3 month baby, but worth every moment of stress to be there - here's hoping we get some mums from Asia signing up soon too...

So before April runs out, this is just a quick email to say hello and remind you of the task we've been encouraging everyone to try in the lead up to the launch and in April: Pack-A-Pocket. Does a mum you know deserve a treat? If so, pop one in their pocket and leave a message for them on the site. I've done loads now and it really does feel lovely to make a stressed or lonely mum feel better about themselves. We've just hit the 50 mark - that's 50 mums feeling good. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a go this month!

We'll be back in touch in May with a new activity - in the meantime, feel free to join in with any tasks on the site at any time...

Happy Easter!

Pippa and Penny