Sorry about the chaos but... you are still enough

This month's activity was inspired by two brilliant things and one crappy thing...

I'll start with the crappy. I had an incredible time in London, followed by a week of fantastic weather, a local family festival, gorgeous beach-time, precious days packed with amazing life experiences and friends. Clearly nothing crappy to complain about there, but these past few days I've been struggling.

I am enough. in spite of the chaos - with Story of MumI'm tired and I'm smiling and I'm getting through, but underneath it all I've been feeling panic. That sense that I'm just about holding on with my fingernails to everything that got put to the side while I was off 'living the rest of my life' so fully these past two weeks.  

Work emails and 'urgent' shouting tasks stacking up, deadlines running late, dreams falling by the wayside, house a tip, kids and husband not getting enough attention, and definitely not enough mama-me-time in my schedule. This very email you're reading was supposed to be written and sent days ago.

I listened to that panic in my chest and I decided to stop. 

Instead of ploughing on through the tasks as I usually would, I ignored them and went to bed early.

I am enough even when I go to bed early - with Story of Mum

And I did that again last night. And I'm doing it again tonight.

Because I can. Because I am enough, just as I am. As much or as little as I am able to do in this moment. 

And so are you.

From the outside, it might seem as if I'm always on top of life. But it doesn't always come easily.

I can make all the survival plans I like, and it doesn't stop it feeling like a challenge. 

Because sometimes getting lots of stuff done is just a way to avoid that sense that we're somehow not enough. 

And just being, nurturing ourselves, is what we really need.

There is no absolute 'balance' between fully living your life, and trying to do so much that you aren't really present. There is just the choice in the moment.

What needs to give? (something pretty much always needs to give...) The washing pile or you? The work email or the child with something to tell you? 

You choose the best you can do for each of those right now. And whatever you choose is enough. 

I am enough when I stuff myself with chocolate to work - Story of MmSometimes I feel like I can do it all. And other times, like today, I'm OK with being imperfect. With writing you this on the hoof email about how I'm feeling in the moment, right now.

I'm hoping that my imperfection will remind you that you are enough too.

And inspire you to join us in sharing an "I Am Enough" self-portrait in our gallery this month.

As you can see, I took my photo surrounded by my messy house, with a battered computer full of work emails balanced on my leg, and salty chocolate in my mouth.

It's not very attractive...

And yes, I am still enough.

This month's activity was also inspired by two brilliant things.

The Good Enough Mums Club - www.thegoodenoughmumsclub.comFirstly The Good Enough Mums Club, a wonderful musical coming to London this month, reminding us all that we are good enough.

Writer/director/actress/superstar Emily Beecher and I have been exploring ways to work together for a while, and this month's activity seems a great way to also pay tribute to their message. 

From 23 July to 13 August, The Good Enough Mums Club will also be hosting 'Wellbeing Wednesday" creative activities for mums to play along with on a Wednesday, #somum style. So look out for those.

And if you're in London, whatever you do, don't miss the musical!

 The second brilliant thing that inspired this self-portrait was an activity from Brene Brown's inspiring e-course - where she encouraged us all to write 'I Am Imperfect and Enough" on our palms.

And if you haven't seen Brene Brown's TED talk on the power of vulnerability, watch it NOW.

What happened last month?

SpiderMum - Mamas in the Movies!We had a very funny #somum Make Date themed around movie posters.

I hosted a mini Mamas' Retreat at BritMums (find out in this post how you could host a mini retreat for yourself in JUST 3 MINUTES, really...)

We didn't win the Innovative BIBS2014 award (thank you so much for supporting us though, it felt great to be up there on the shortlist), but Team Honk won, so we feel like we won anyway!

I went to the Mothers of Innovation conference and was surrounded by incredible activist women (possibly one of the things that both inspired me and made me question if I was doing enough...!)

More on that as soon as I have the time to share some of the amazing stories from there. In the meantime, you can access their fantastic research here.

What's up next?

We would love you to join our next #somum Make Date to share our self-portraits and chat on Wednesday 9 July from 8.30 to 10pm UK time (you can find out what time that is in your equivalent time zone here).

Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreat -  with Story of Mum

Find us on twitter by using the #somum hashtag - we'd love to say hello (and you don't have to share a photo if you don't want to!)

We're hosting a Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreat in Penzance this Sunday - there's just one space left if you fancy joining us? Find out more here.

What else? More playing, more chaos, more life being lived fully followed by more early nights, whenever the kids will let me (at this rate, I'm going to be fast asleep before my six year old tonight...).

Even when things don't go to plan, and when you feel like you're failing the people around you, remember that you are still here, being you, doing your best. Making choices. And that is enough. You are enough.

With love, and reassurance that you really really really are ENOUGH.

Pippa and Penny