be a good storyteller

Bake a Pie Chart

How do you spend your day? Illustrate it with a pie chart. Represent your 'me' time with a real piece of pie, and then eat it...

Book of Mum

Make the front cover of the book you'll write one day about your mothering journey.

crafting, doodling, drawing
Cartoon Mum

When your life feels like you're starting in a bad cartoon... share it with us

doodling, drawing
Dress your Alter Ego

Dress up and show us a side of you your normally keep hidden...

Handle with Care

List everything your hands have touched today.

In Mumorium

Tell us about a mum, gran or great-nan you have lost.

Mama Mash-Up

Make a strip collage from two or more images that capture aspects of your identity.

Mamas in the Movies!

Make a movie poster for your red-carpet and baby sick motherhood story...

crafting, doodling, drawing
Memorable Moment of Mum

Share a significant moment from your life as a mum - of pride, awe, sadness, joy...


Thingspiration: What does this object say to you about motherhood...?

Museum of Mum

Doodle your very own museum cabinet to illustrate your past, present and future as a mum.

My Life, the Fairy Tale

Tell us a story from your life in the style of a fairy tale - and doodle your fairy tale book cover...

doodling, writing
My Mum-Story

Share your mothering journey in just 10 photographs and 3 minutes

Proshanti Tales

Explore this diverse collection of mothering stories and portraits curated by Bangladeshi charity, Proshanti.

Wooden Spoon

Thingspiration: What does this object say to you about motherhood?