Sewn Words

Sewn words: sew the words that matter to you, with Story of MumThere’s something very calming about slowly embroidering a word onto material and allowing it to sink into your mind and body as you carefully sew it.

...That is, if you can manage to avoid pricking yourself with the needle, and to accept the many likely imperfections you'll encounter. Which is as good a lesson for life as any ;)

Think of a message you'd like to give yourself right now, or a quality that you'd like to invite more of into your life.

Choose a piece of material, grab a pen, and write your word or words straight onto the material. Then hand stitch on top of your writing, following the lines of your letters, and leaving as little space as you can in between (looping back is good).

As you sew, allow yourself to mull on this quality or message: what does it mean to you and how are you engaging with it right now?

When you're done, you could frame your word and display it, or try one of the other suggestions under 'read more' below. For some more sewn word inspiration, take a peek at our previous activities inspired by the Craftivist CollectiveI'm a Piece and the Wellmaking Craftivists Garden.

We'd love you to join us at our next #somum mamas' retreat on twitter on Wednesday 10 February, where we'll attempt the impossible: tweeting while sewing! We'll share our sewn words with each other, be inspired to spend more time on slower pleasures, and chat about ways we can live into our words... AND as extra inspiration, we'll randomly give away a couple of spots on our Mamas' Mini Sofa Retreat to tweeting mamas as we go!


What do your words encourage you to do? Can you make them into something that helps you to do that?

You could use your sewn words as the basis for a simple creative project that reminds you to bring more of that quality into your life - like making a little bag to hold treasured memories, happy moments or secrets in, or to take care of any fears or worries that you'd like to set aside.

Or how about a rice-filled hand or body warmer that you can heat up in the microwave to soothe aches and pains and remind you to rest?

Have a look at the photos below for a little bit of inspiration for how you might sew each of these - and we'll look at each of them in more detail at another time...

Turn your sewn word into something that inspires you to embrace it, with Story of Mum