Story of Mum "Mama Self-Care" Carnival

DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit - Mama Self Care CarnivalWe're celebrating the launch of our DIY Mamas' Retreat Kits with a blogging carnival from 12 to 31 March reminding mamas to make time to look after ourselves...

We kicked off all the fun at our #somum Make Date on twitter (find out what we got up to here!). From 13 to 31 March, we're sharing links to some fabulous posts about self-care for mums from bloggers all over the world.

Because we all need reminding. That making time for YOU is vital, mama.

To nurture your children, you first have to nurture yourself.

Don't put off self-care, jump in and get your kit now.

Posts so far:

Mamas deserve high scores for... - The Story of Mum mamas at our #somum Make Date

Radical Self-Care - Africa Archield, Rock Your Everyday Life (self-care vlog, including our very first review of our DIY Kit, eek!)

My own island - Pippa Best, Story of Mum

Subversive Self-Care: The problem with the Oxygen Mask analogy and the right to retreat - Yael Saar, Mama's Comfort Camp (a fabulous free community supporting mamas - find them on facebook)

Self Care and Why it is So Important - Cupcake Mumma

Self Care for the Single Mum - Lucy V Hay, Bang 2 Write (author of Lizzie's Story: The Decision)

- Why self-care doesn't matter to mamas - Kirsten Hanlon, Mums and More

- 12 Tips for Scheduling Your Mummy-Time - Amy at Real Kids Rising

- New Mama Self Care - Leisa at Insync with Infants

- What if self-care was fun - Tat at Mum in Search

- Self Care For Rejuvenation or To Unwind: free printable - Kerry at Handmade Success

- How to make a Mama Retreat go From a Dream to a Reality - Ellen Nightingale

- Mamas Retreat - Kat Pearce of Kat Sighs (her experience of taking a full 24 hours to herself on our real-life retreat!)

- Self-Care: An Ongoing Commitment - Kat Pearce of Kat Sighs again...!

- My Top Ten Self-Care Activities - Hannah of Liberate from Weight

- Hot and Steamy Bite-Sized Bits of Self-Care - Kathy of Bliss Beyond Naptime

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