Self care for mamas who want to change the world

The world is always scary, but it seems especially hard to escape from the escalating bad news right now.

As mamas, we are nurturers, we care about others. We want to make a better world for our children, and for other people's children. The anxiety and fear of 'what next?' can be overwhelming.

Self care for mamas who want to change the world


In our urgency to make sense of what we are seeing, to chart a response, to find a better way forward, we can forget how vital it is to look after ourselves - which only makes things worse.

Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally. The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you.

Caring for others, and caring for ourselves are intertwined.

We cannot do one effectively without the other.

So I made a little video (below) to remind you that both these things are important - I even worked out how to add subtitles...

As you know, putting myself out there in a video still scares me. But it's an example of a way to take action, in support of others facing much greater fears.

As a practical action we can take at Story of Mum - we're opening up our Five A Day e-course again , and donating 50% of the income that we make from that course to UK Action for Refugees and the recent Emergency Appeal (from the IRC) to help those affected in the United States (the other 50% will go towards Story of Mum's social enterprise activities allowing us to help more mums).

Your needs matter. And you can't help others without tending to your own needs too.

Put your own oxygen mask on, breathe in, and then step up to help others.

As a mother, you are doing one of the most important jobs in the world: shaping and creating the next generation.

You are not powerless. Together, we can change the world for the better for the next generation.

Join us for Five A Day (right now as a self-led course, or 20-24 February as a group programme) and you can support yourself while supporting others

Or you can simply donate to those charities directly: and 


Thanks to L R Knost for the inspiring words above, image shared from Unify's facebook page.

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