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Get a gift voucher to join a Mamas' Retreat for Story of MumDo you know a mum who deserves a break?

Whenever we speak to mums about what they most wish for, more often than not, the answer is time.

There are never enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. Never enough time to stop and rest. And certainly never enough time to think about what she needs. 

As mums, we so rarely give ourselves permission to take time out for ourselves - and yet we benefit so much when we do.

Can you give a mum you love the gift of time to herself?

A gift voucher for one of our magical Mamas' Retreats gives her the space, nurturing and connection that she most needs, and will make a huge difference to how she feels.

It will show her how much you value and appreciate her - that her happiness matters deeply to you. 

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum and Leif Olsen - Gift Vouchers for Mothers Day

She'll have precious time to herself, where she can be reminded of just how very special and important she is. 

And after a delicious friendly morning of yoga, creativity, conversation and cake, she'll return home, happy and revitalised, feeling stronger, inspired, and more connected to who she really is again.

Hear from other mums who've attended our retreats and loved them over here, and find out more about our Mamas' Retreats.

To purchase your gift voucher, click on 'add to cart' below. We'll then send you a private link to a digital gift voucher to download and print. 

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The cost of a Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreat gift voucher is £29.50, including lunch.

We'll also throw in secret access to a very special yoga video recorded with Leif Olsen Yoga and Pippa Best.

Think of it as an extra 30 minute yoga retreat that the mama you love can do in the comfort of her own home, any time she wants.

A gift that will last well beyond the Mamas' Retreat itself.

Are you buying a voucher for a mum outside Cornwall?

You could encourage them to make a weekend of it, and travel down on Saturday, stay overnight, and join us on the Sunday morning - just think, all that time to sleep peacefully, or walk on the beach, or browse the shops, or read books, or make stuff... If you'd like any advice on local accommodation, get in touch - we can help.

And if you'd rather buy the mama you love a voucher for a tailormade Mamas' Retreat like this, one of our wonderfully restful virtual Mamas' Retreats or some one to one retreat sessions, just drop us an email and we'll arrange everything for you...

How do I buy a Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreat voucher?

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Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum

As purchaser, you'll also get a digital pack of three free printable Mama Gift Cards - so if you like, you can choose to print off one of these too.

Priority booking!

You'll be able to access our priority booking service in the week after you purchase.

This is a great way to ensure that you get the retreat date that you want, as we often don't offer bookings up until a month before they take place, and they sell out fast. Mums really need this time ;)

To take advantage of priority booking, all you need to do is let us know the date that you'd like to book within a week of purchasing your gift voucher, and we'll make sure to save a spot for you (or the mama you want to treat!).

When are the next Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreats?

We keep the groups small and friendly, so places are strictly limited.

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum

The dates for our next Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreats are: 

Our provisional dates for Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreats in 2018 will be 21 January, 18 March, 13 May, 15 July, 16 September and 18 November.

General terms and conditions relating to our retreats are here.

What do other mothers say about our retreats?

Here are some words from mothers who have joined our retreats below:

""I really enjoyed the retreat. The level of support was amazing from all the mamas and the relaxation yoga was just what I needed. And OMG the soup - gorgeous!!" 

"l love coming to the retreats because it's a place where I feel I'm heard, and I feel relaxed enough to be able to open up to people, and also because I never spend time looking after myself physically and emotionally and the yoga really helps."

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum

"I loved how genuinely happy everyone was to be there, the quiet, yoga without a baby crawling on or underneath me, the food, being listened to and heard for 5 minutes was amazing!"

"I left yesterday feeling empowered and rejuvenated. I do yoga each week anyway and have a lovely group of friends I get together with fairly regularly and so I wasn't expecting to get near as much out of it as I did. Leif's yoga class was sooooo relaxing and doing the writing afterwards was something I never do - it really helped me focus on how I was feeling.

The cake and soup were amazing and the collage was exactly what I needed to feel creative (I'd never take the time to do something like that on my own) as well as to think about how I'd like to feel in this new year.

My favourite part though was chatting with the other mums. It was different from chatting with my friends or husband because there was a bit of structure, which allowed us to talk about things we may not talk about with friends or partners. Having the chat after doing the collage and hearing their thoughts gave me a fresh perspective. It really was such a special day!"

"The Mamas Retreat was an escape from motherhood for a couple of hours - a chance to reflect on the joy it brings, and a chance to give myself the space I needed to be myself."

"I left feeling rewarded with a relaxed state of mind and joyful, with the pleasurable experience of new friendships."

"Very chilled out, safe and welcoming atmosphere."

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum

"Perfectly planned, so ran very smoothly. Great mix of TLC for mind, body and soul. Also awesome food!!

"Pure, uninterrupted yoga - such a joy and a real treat. I felt a million dollars afterwards!"

We look forward to welcoming the mother you care about and making her feel like a million dollars too very soon!

We know she deserves it. And we're very happy to see that you know that too.

Not everyone realises how amazing mothers are, and how valuable it is that mums take time to look after themselves too - thank you for seeing that. It makes a huge difference.

Enjoy bringing a beautiful smile to that face that you love when you surprise her with a Mamas' Retreat gift voucher!

And thank you.

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