Rest? Once in a blue moon maybe...

How are you doing? Have you paused to take a moment for yourself yet today?

Maybe this is it right now. Are you taking a moment to read this email quietly somewhere (dare I ask... on the loo?)

Five reasons to rest, mamaIf this is your moment of rest, wonderful.

And if it isn't, how can you make it one? Can you head somewhere quiet for a minute? (You know where I mean...) 

Could you shut the door and listen to a 13 minute audio version of the newsletter (it's a bit chattier than this...)

Wherever you may be, whatever other pulls there are on your time right now, pause.

Make the most of this brief moment to yourself.

Breathe in. Out. 

Just breathe.

As mothers it can be so hard to stop and rest.

To remember that we need looking after too.

There is always something to do. A mess to sort. A job to be done. A child calling our name. A partner, friend, or family member in need of our attention. A to-do list that never ends.

And so we forget to rest. To recuperate and recharge. We forget about ourselves.

And oh my, we can go on like this for a long time. It's astonishing just how resilient we can be. How long we can hide our exhaustion and just keep going. But ultimately, if we don't rest... we fall apart.

And only then do we acknowledge that maybe we need help. That maybe we needed to press pause just a little bit earlier.

That moment of rest, every day, is important.

So we're reminding you right now. While you've still got the energy to pause and look after you. Take this once in a blue moon opportunity to find a moment to rest today  - and every day this month. (Yes it really is a blue moon tonight, 31st July in the UK, although I might not manage to send this email until tomorrow, in which case you can celebrate it late...)

5 reasons to rest, mamaIf a blue moon isn't a good enough excuse for you, here are my top five reasons why resting is good for you:

1. You work better
2. You parent better
3. You partner better
4. You feel A LOT better
5. You get more done

(I know number 5 doesn't make sense, but I've conducted extensive experiments over the past two months - and it is absolutely true, honest).

If you listen in to the recording, you'll hear me sounding a little nervous at first, and then explaining how resting has made me more productive, a calmer parent, and a goddess of a wife (well, not quite, but a little bit less argumentative...). All inspired by an awesome e-course I did with Mara Glatzel back in June, The Deep Exhale. I also witter on about mess, shouting and moons, and give you a secret glimpse into next month's activity...

What's up this month?

We're having a rest! 

There's no creative activity this month, we're simply inviting you to rest with us.

So look out for brief moments where all you choose to do is breathe, feel the heat of a warm cup in your hands, look out of a window, or pause to smell the washing as you fold it... (if you bother to fold it - obviously mine just goes in a big fat pile until I have to shake something out for someone unfortunate to wear...).

In case it helps, here's another quick link - this time to the 5 minute Mamas' Meditation recorded at our last Prussia Cove retreat.

What happened last month before all this resting business?

We had a very funny #somum make date doodling mama cartoons for Cartoon Mum - you can giggle as you read the storify over here.

Add your own doodle any time - we'd love to see some of your summer cartoon parenting moments... Here's another one of mine...

Nit check, Cartoon Mum by Story of Mum

What's up next?

You could join our next Mamas Retreat on 13 September in Cornwall - there are only a few tickets left so jump in quick! Find out more and book over here.

We're also hosting some very special virtual retreats in September, so get in touch if you fancy a retreat in your own living room.

We're resting from our #somum Make Date in August, so our next twitter get-together won't be until 9 September

Let us know how you rest best...

In the meantime, we'd love to hear how you get on with resting in August. Snap a photo to share on instagram or share a few words on twitter, (adding #somum so we can find you). Or simply drop a quick reply to this email, we always love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful month of rest and we look forward to seeing you, renewed and rejuvenated, in September! That might be as likely as a blue moon, but let's give it a go anyway. Here's to giving each other permission to take a few moments to reboot and restore.

Much love and snoring,

Pippa and Penny

PS here's where you can listen to our blue moon experiment of an audio newsletter. If you like it, let us know, and maybe we'll attempt to do it again some time.