Put your best foot forward in 2014

What are you most looking forward to in 2014?

If the answer's nothing at all, fear not - we have some lovely shiny dates for your squeaky new diary below. If the answer's an amazing year, then woohoo!!

Wednesday 8 January: Join our next #somum twitter Make Date - we'll be putting our best foot forward and taking photos of our shoes, as you do...(see below)Team honk relay! 

Sunday 12 January: We'd love you to join us and Team Honk for the first leg of a bloggers' relay from Lands End to John O'Groats! We'll be hobbling from Newlyn to Penzance along the prom in mismatched shoes (see below...!)

Monday 24 - Tuesday 25 February: Come get inspired and creative on our Mamas' Retreat at Prussia Cove. Time for some very well deserved time out for mums...

join Story of Mums' Mamas' Retreat in CornwallYes, another big dream of ours is coming true for 2014: We're hosting our first ever real-life Mamas' Retreat in Cornwall in February!

It's going to be an amazing 24 hour escape (or half day if you can't eat a whole one...). In a stunning listed house by the sea. 

Join us for heart-opening yoga, creative workshops (no skills required of course), good food, inspiration and laughter. Along with cosy views of the sea, time in nature, and time with new friends. Most of all, there will be time for you. Yes, YOU. Imagine that. 

Find all the details here - and give yourself something very special to look forward to. 

Because we want you to be able to come, we're offering a very special price up until 5 January - so do book soon!

Put your best foot forward for 2014 

To support Team Honk and all the amazing charities and projects that are funded by Comic Relief, we're theming this months' activities around our amazing feet... 

Best Foot Forward with storyofmum.comJust like Cinderella on her luckiest day (if you count marrying a prince as lucky...), we'll be modelling the one glass slipper and one dusty work-shoe of our lives so far (or whichever shoes most capture two different parts of your life as a mum).

Which two shoes tell your story? What are the shoes you wear most often - practical boots, slippers or flip-flops? And those less often worn, but much loved? Super-glitzy heels for a glamorous (and significantly-taller!) you, sporty trainers, your favourite wellies for puddle-jumping, thigh-high cowboy boots, ballet pumps or even socks and sandals...?

Got a couple? Just stick one on each foot, and take a photo, then share it with us here... (If you can't decide, or you have an Imelda Marcos-sized love of shoes, just share as many odd pairs as you want!)

Even better, you could keep your odd shoes on and come proudly walk the prom with us on 12 January to raise funds for Comic Relief. Use those fabulous feet of yours to change the world for children everywhere.

What happened last month?

Bad Mummy Bingo was reassuringly hilarious good fun last month. It made me feel LOADS better about my own bad mummy moments.

Playing Bad Mummy Bingo on storyofmum.comTake a peek at other mums' bingo cards here. You can still play along by making your own and crossing off anything that gets mentioned in this storify! I scored 8 on the Christmas bingo card, I suppose it could have been a lot worse...

And of course... we went to New York! Which was fabulous in all the best ways: sharing your amazing inspiring stories in the fabulous Museum of Motherhood, and meeting wonderful warm women we'd only met before via the web. As well as some very precious mother-daughter time. 

You can read all about our adventures here, (including a very funny photo of me and Officer McLochlan of the NYPD...) 

Last but not least, we've started a new strand of guest posts to inspire you: Creative Business-Mamas.Poppy Treffry 

Whether mothering is your full time job or you work outside the home too, we hope you'll connect with these stories from mums struggling to find that elusive "balance".

So far you can read interviews with photographer Tara Florence, freehand embroiderer Poppy Treffry and eco-alchemist Marie Hall - all of whom have set up their own successful businesses, facing challenges along the way... 

We'll be partnering with Mums Plus Business to share more inspiring stories in January, so look out for those. And if you would like to share your own story, get in touch!

Looking forward to looking up from your feet to the stars, and walking through a bright new year together. 

Pippa and Penny