Parenting Clutter Log

Celebrate your clutter to Story of Mum's Parenting Clutter Log, and then declutter it ;)

The constant clutter of parenthood can be overwhelming -  toys, projects, food, clothes, general kiddy detritus everywhere. 

We can waste a lot of time criticising ourselves for not having a perfect clutter-free house, and failing to recognise all the other amazing things we do - and how and why that clutter came to be there.

So let's try something different and take a moment to look more closely at the detail of that chaos and clutter. Because so often in motherhood, it's when we pause and concentrate on the detail, really looking at what's directly in front of us, that we can find the joy in it again. 

Grab a piece of clutter (it really could be anything from a discarded toy to a pile of spilt cereal on the floor, whatever you notice first...) and take a moment to really look at it. 

What do you know about it? How has it played its part in your family's life? What positive memories does it hold? Take a minute to log some information about it on a white piece of paper, just as if you were taking notes on an expedition or for an exhibit. Then take a photo of the object on the paper with the notes, and share its story with us here.

You might even decide that now you've preserved that piece of clutter forever right here, it's time to finally declutter it out of the house...


You can use our format if you like:

- a log Entry Number (so you can do as many as you like!)

- the Title

- the Date it joined your clutter collection

- the Main 'Usage Period' - when was this piece of clutter used

- Current Usage - how is it used now?

- general Field Notes - this is place to capture anything else interesting you notice about the item, or any particular memories it holds.

- Anything else you like - location it was found, the 'clutter family' it belongs to, whether you're keeping it or not etc. etc.

When you're done, take a a photo, and upload it here to add it to the pages of the Parenting Clutter Log.

To upload your photo, just click above on 'join in' button on the right. If it still says 'join us', that means you need to quickly register first over here (that's so we know you're uploading real clutter not spam clutter...!)

Let's compare clutter, and create a huge database of all the stories about motherhood it contains!