Pack a mum's pocket as Story of Mum gets ready to launch

How lovely would it be to discover a surprise treat in your pocket in the middle of a terrible day? Some chocolate, a special handwritten message, a book, a bunch of flowers - or maybe something whose special meaning is only known to you? Well, our final pre-launch activity is the Pack-A-Pocket task.  Do you have a few minutes to make another mum's day?


Pack-A-Pocket: Simply slip a treat into an unsuspecting mum's pocket. It could be your own mum, grandmum, another mum you know, or maybe a friend you spot having a horrible day. What special gift would really cheer them up or show them how valued they really are? Do the deed, then quickly report back to us, secret agent style, with the bare essentials. Your words will appear on the Story of Mum twitter page too, spreading the message far and wide. Let's make Pack-A-Pocket a global activity for Mothers' Day and beyond... We mums deserve it!

A few weeks ago, Real People magazine asked us to collect stories from daughters treating their own mums in the Pack-A-Pocket task - for an article to promote the site. The stories have been so moving that we decided to created a special activity just for this. If you decide to treat your own mum, why not tell us a bit more about her at I Love You Mum.


Sunday 3rd April 2011 is Mothers' Day in the UK - and the official launch date of the website. Your official invite to the launch on the following day is attached - please do come along if you can, and feel free to pass the invite on to anyone you think might like to come and play. 

Are you on facebook? If so please 'like' the story of mum facebook page so we can get the message out about the site over the next few weeks. And if you're on twitter, please follow us@storyofmum.


If you haven't had a chance to play with the site yet, please do. We can still make changes over the next three weeks and would love to hear any thoughts you have on how we could improve it. 


Thank you so much for all your help - we really couldn't do this without the input of all our wonderful 'tester mums'. 

Looking forward to hearing all about your mums and your treats, and hopefully seeing some of you at the launch party, getting nervous and excited now!

Pippa and Penny