Once upon a time, mama...

Share your motherhood story as a real-life Fairy Tale with Story of MumIs your life anything like the fairy-tales you used to read as a kid?
Or the ones you read to your children...?
What does a happy ending
really look like?

This month we'll be sharing our stories in My Life, the Fairy Tale...

Your fairy tale might be life-changing or silly, small or huge - you choose.  Our daily battles may not always feel epic, but the truth is, they are. 

Most importantly, sharing those stories of how we overcame the scary stuff, (eventually!) shows others that they can make it through. And that's true even if today's quest is simply to tackle the never-ending laundry pile.

Simply answer the questions below and tell us a story about your not-so-fairy-tale life...

Once upon a time there was a….
She had a problem:
So she decided to…
On her journey she fought foes and faced challenges:
But along the way, she also met allies and mentors:
She learnt...
And in the end…

Take 5 minutes to think about how you might fill in the blanks right now... you might like to doodle yourself a fairytale book cover to share with us too... Share your story here.

Win a Fairy Tale Gourmet Chocolate Egg with Story of Mum

Fairy Tale Chocolate Competition

As a rather delicious incentive to share your fairy tales with us this month, we also have some gorgeous hand-crafted chocolate eggs from the brilliant Fairy Tale Gourmet to give away.

You could crack open your very own Humpty Dumpty or steal a Golden Egg from the friendly giants in your house, (they need never know the egg was ever there, *cackles.*)

You can get free entries just for being part of our Story of Mum community - so don't miss out on chocolate, join in over here.

And now, we have SO MUCH NEWS. Grab yourself a cuppa and take a few moments of me-time to catch with us...

Join in #mykidsdressedme and #honkfromhome for Comic Relief

My Kids Dressed Me

You helped us start a viral charity campaign!

What started as an amusing trip to school dressed by my daughter, inspired by this blog post from Summer Bellessa, quickly spiralled into a hilarious charity campaign for Comic Relief with the input of this amazing community of mums (yes that's you!).

Ridiculous pictures of me (Pippa), Tracy at The Bear and Miss Rabbit, lovely writer Amy Beeson (together, we got the ball rolling...), and many more brave mums like the epic Faye on the right have now been shared everywhere from The Cornishman to the Mail Online...

#mykidsdressedme has even gone global, with mums from the US and Canada taking part already - and hopefully many more joining us over the next 10 days, (including you, perhaps...?)

Most exciting of all, the campaign looks like it could raise a good sum of money for people who are currently living challenging lives in the UK, Africa and beyond. Which feels pretty amazing - thank you to ALL of you for spurring us on to have a go.

Join in #mykidsdressedme and #honkfromhome for Comic ReliefTo join in, let your kids (or grandkids, or borrowed kids...!) dress you, and share a photo of you on social media with the hashtags #mykidsdressedme and #honkfromhome

Text FUNNY to 70011 to share your photo and donate £1 to Comic Relief, and nominate 3 others to join in between now and 13 March (Red Nose Day in the UK). 

If you're not in the UK, you can still join in and donate here instead. And wherever you are, we would LOVE you to share your photos in our little gallery.

And whether or not you're feeling brave enough to hand your wardrobe over to the kids in your life, we'd love you to help us spread the word. Together, we can make a real difference for people in need through projects like these

Here are three ways:

 - You can download posters (thanks to Driven By Design!)  to get your community, friends or schools involved at the bottom of this blog post.

- You could share a facebook post with your friends. There's a grandparent post, a dad post, or even a Pippa post to choose from, amongst many more....

- RT this tweet about it or write your own.

Team Honk Danceathon for Comic Relief - preparing with an early family zumbathon

Team Honk Danceathon

As if that wasn't enough excitement, we (Pippa and Penny) are also about to go and attempt at 6 hour danceathon at Wembley on Sunday with the amazing Team Honk (remember the Lands End to John O'Groats relay with Team Honk last year?).

We'll be attempting a new dance style every half an hour and tweeting updates on how red it's actually possible to get.

We got into practice with a wonderful zumbathon with Team Honk Penzance (video evidence that makes me snort over here...).

If you'd like to support our brave dancing endeavour and spur us on for more high-kicks and cha-cha-chas, please chuck a quid over here!


Make some Mama Me-Time Tokens with Story of MumWhat else happened last month?

We made some beautiful Mama Me-Time Tokens and USED them!

We also had another lovely #somum Make Date chatting about how we make time for ourselves.

If you missed it, you can catch up over here.

Hear how we all dream of using our me-time, and find more lovely compassionate and funny mums to connect with.

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum

Mamas' Retreats

Our next morning of delicious soul-nurturing for mamas will take place

on 22 March - and we'd love you to take time out to join us. 

Find out more over here.

It's Mothers' Day in the UK on 15 March, so how about getting someone else to buy you a Mamas' Retreat Gift Voucher just in time...? Find out how over here.

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum

What do you think about some new ideas...?

We're thinking about offering one or two one to one or small group Mamas' Retreats on dates between 11 and 14 May at a secluded venue in stunning Prussia Cove in Cornwall. These would offer a mixture of yoga, pampering treatments, one to one sessions, rest and nurturing - tailor-made to deliver what you most need right now.

If you think you might be interested in finding out more, drop us a quick reply to this email, and we can talk more!

Another exciting idea is a possible venue in Italy for a high end weekend retreat - so let us know if you fancy that too, and we'll see if there's enough interest...

Join our next #somum Make Date on 11 March

Join the Story of Mum community and spread some loveJump on twitter and find us using #somum from 8.30 - 10pm UK time. We'll be exploring our fairy tales, doodling book covers, and probably munching chocolate...

Busy times indeed!

It's no wonder I'm feeling frazzled and the house is a complete tip... 

But I'm letting everything go, apart from what really matters.  

And you matter.  So we're both sending you much love, and reminding you that you are the hero of your own story. It's yours.

It may not feel like it right now, but you really can overcome the hurdles in your path and get where you want to go.

While we may not believe in perfect happy endings, we do believe in happy 'nows'. And we wish you many of those as you travel on your mamahood quest... 

We're here to help you on your way. 

With love and fairy tale chocolate eggs,

Pippa and Penny

PS Don't forget to tell us that story...


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