Pippa Plant (Mama Splendificosa)

Origin: Cornwall, UK

Max Growth: 5 foot 2 inches


Plant near sea, in rich reddy-brown earth infused with coffee and red wine.

Ensure that the Pippa Plant is well settled, with lots of space for roots to grow. Splendificosa grows well near others, with indirect but regular sunshine.

Water frequently, as this plant tends to over-exert itself with sudden growth attempts and as a result needs regular periods of hibernation.

Will produce flowers with encouragement and regular use of mild organic Guilt and Self-Criticism Removal Agents - pay special attention to Body Issue Bugs and Bad Working Mummy Slugs, who are especially keen to nibble any new Mama Splendificosa sprouts.

With tender care and nurturing, (and possibly garden singing of songs from Grease, the Musical), the Mama Splendificosa will produce spectacular colourful peachy fruit that will delight and feed many.