New Mama Mantra

Looking back at yourself as a new mama, what do you wish you could tell yourself?

With this activity, we're looking back at those early mama moments and remembering how it felt...

Find a photo of yourself from those early days. And then think of the words you would have liked to have heard (and believed) about yourself in those early days - what would you tell yourself now that you didn't know then?

Tell that new mother what she needs to hear: a New Mama Mantra. Add those words to your image, however you like, and share it with us here.

PLUS If you add your picture here in April 2014, you'll also enter to win your very own New Mama Welcome PackFind out more, including all the competition rules here.

You can also read the story behind Pippa's New Mama Mantra here, and catch up on all the new mama wisdom from our #somum Make Date on twitter here.


You could print a photo and draw and doodle around it...

Or try using a free online tool to play with your picture and add text: we love to play with PicMonkey...