Nature (and other!) Mandalas

Using leaves, herbs, petals, grasses, whatever you have to hand, create your own nature mandala, and share it with us here.

Allow a simple repeating pattern to develop as you add whatever colours or textures you’re drawn to.

Making a mandala from nature allows us to look more deeply at the shifting seasons, explore ideas about change and transformation, and address the heart of motherhood: loving and letting go.

The process of making a nature mandala is a form of creative meditation in itself - one that you can do anywhere with nature to hand, whenever you need a peaceful pause.

Try it with pebbles, sand, flowers, leaves, acorns, herbs, whatever natural ingredients you can find. Take a moment to make one alone or with the family.

Enjoy the beauty of a moment of creativity that reconnects us with life and nature.

It can also be a wonderful thing to leave behind for someone else to find - or to discover yourself!

PS if you don't have nature to hand, use whatever you have to create your own Mummy Mandala (lego, socks, pasta, peanuts, or all of the above, we don't mind) and share that here too, we'd love to see it!


As an exercise in creating something beautiful and letting it go, you can simply rest the petals on a sheet of card or paper, take a photo of your final creation, share it with us here, and blow it all away at the end.  Or make your mandala when you're out and about, and leave it behind you for someone else to find.

If you’d like to keep your mandala for a little longer, you can cover the card with a thin layer of glue and touch the petals gently into the page to hold it in place. You could press it between some heavy books if you'd like to keep it for as long as possible

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