Mum of the Year 2012: you've won!

Congratulations, you've won Mum of the Year 2012. Or an Oscar for Best Performance in a Supporting Role. Or a rosette for your School Lunchbox: Best in Show. Or a bronze, silver, and gold medal for surviving 48 years of motherhood and grandmotherhood without a single decent night's sleep.

In the UK, awards for celebrity mums are everywhere. TV presenter Gabby Logan has just been revealed as Tesco Celebrity Mum of the Year. Foxy Bingo have caused a stir by nominating Natasha Giggs (most famous for having an affair with her husband's brother) for their very own Mum of the Year Award. Which is no doubt a great way to sell newspapers, baked beans and bingo tickets, but not the greatest inspiration for all us 'ordinary' mums, nans and great-grans out there.

Well, you deserve an award. Most likely, since you haven't featured in a glossy four-page spread in Hello magazine, no one's going to give you one. But who cares. You can give yourself an award. I actually spent a brilliant hour making myself an Oscar out of plasticine, gold spray left over from Christmas, and an old tuna can - and it makes me laugh every time I look at the mantelpiece. Have a go at Award Winning Mums.

It's a good job I still have the self-confidence to make myself an award, as last month I was the only mum to confess to being a Bad Mummy. Twice. If you have a moment to show me that I'm not the only occasionally terrible mother out there, do share a couple of sentences here...

In case you missed it, we had another fab post on motherhood and creativity this month:Creative Mommy, from Mommy Nuggets. It was her very first ever guest post, so please do have a read and show your support.

And I actually did make it onto the shortlist of Tesco Mum of the Year 2012, hilariously enough, and wrote about my experience in my latest blog, The day I was Mum of the Year. (To Tesco's credit, they do have awards for non-celebrity mums, but I don't think they're made out of plasticine...)

It will be our first birthday in April. We would love to reach as many mums as possible before the year is out. Please share Story of Mum with the mums, nanas and great-grans in your life.

Now go and give yourself a red carpet moment. Because mums are amazing - and every mum is Mum of the Year.